Delicious food, stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and incredible historical heritage sites are only scratching the surface of the wonderful experiences you can get by planning a school trip to Spain. Maybe you’d like your Spanish class to get some first hand experience speaking with native speakers or you dream of taking your history class to see the centuries old Cordoba Roman Bridge or a walking tour of Gaudi’s sculptural masterpieces on the streets of Barcelona. Or, maybe, you’re just looking for a destination for your students to experience a vibrant culture, different from what they’re used to at home.

Whatever your reason to travel is, Spain is the perfect place to lead an unforgettable school trip and there are many tour operators, like Travel For Teens, that exist to make planning a school trip as easy as possible!

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Picking Destinations in Spain

Spain is one of the trendiest travel destinations this year, and with good reason! The vibrant culture, exquisite food options and historical architecture are sure to capture anyone’s interest and make for an unforgettable trip. It’s the perfect place to practice a new language, try new foods or learn something new! Marvel at La Sagrada Familia and the wonderful art of Gaudi as you walk the streets of Barcelona, walk in the footsteps of the ancient Moorish kings at the spectacular Alhambra Palace, or visit Columbus’ tomb in the world’s third largest Cathedral.

With so much to see and do, it can be scary trying to plan the perfect trip for your class. Luckily, teen tour operators exist to make it as easy as possible to craft a trip designed to fit the educational goals of your individual class. Learn about the benefits of traveling with TFT (including how teachers travel free!) and check out some of our programs to Europe here:

Teen travelers at paella cooking class during summer travel program to Spain

Planning the Perfect Trip to Spain

Planning your class trip to Spain doesn’t have to be difficult! There are countless resources and passionate travel experts who are dedicated to teen travel available to help make it as easy as possible. Follow these simple steps and you and your class will be jetting off to your dream Spain trip in no time!

Step 1: Decide your educational goals 
If you have a Spanish class, what better way to test their speaking skills than being immersed in the different dialects of San Sebastián, Barcelona, and Alicante? Or maybe you’d like to give your class an art history lesson as they take a walking tour of Antonio Gaudi’s most famous architectural masterpieces in Barcelona. Whether your educational goals are in language, history, art or any other number of subjects, Spain just may be the perfect destination for your class to have an immersive lesson.

Barcelona History

Step 2: Decide what cities and highlights you’d like to see 
From the legendary Real Madrid Football Club at the Bernabéu Stadium to Picasso’s masterpiece, Guernica, at the Reina Sofía Museum, there are endless possibilities when touring this magnificent country. Make a list of your must-see places and attractions so that you can plan to hit every one of them!

Teenage travelers visit Camp Nou football stadium Barcelona during summer Spanish language immersion program

Step 3: Consider a tour operator 
Coordinating a trip to Spain for your entire class is no small task, especially if you’re already teaching full time. There are teen tour operators, like Travel For Teens, that are experts in student travel and facilitating group supervision abroad. Consider traveling through a tour operator who can help you through all of the logistical planning and give you some expert travel advice.

Step 4: Compare quotes and itineraries 
Most teen tour operators will have their own pre-made itineraries that are made to hit every must-see attraction and get the most out of every destination. Some will even work with you to create your own itinerary so you don’t miss out on anything you want to see or do!

Teen Travel Spain

Step 5: Book your flights and accommodations 
Once you have your itinerary completed, you can book your accommodations and find flights that work for your class. If you’re choosing to work through a teen tour operator, they will probably have their own accommodations they recommend and flight logistic experts that can find you the best travel deals!

Teen Tour Barcelona

Step 6: Make sure your paperwork is in order 
Once you have your itinerary planned, make sure you have everything you’ll need to travel to Spain including a valid passport, visa, and travel insurance, and then, you’ll be ready to jet off to your unforgettable trip

We highly recommend you consider planning your school trip through a tour operator to simplify the process and avoid any added stress. Leave the planning to the experts! Travel For Teens is one of the top school trip operators and offers a wide variety of tours to fit your interests and budget. Learn more about why you should partner with Travel For Teens.