Dive into the magic of an entirely different world with one of our Oceania programs in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Whether you’re looking for pristine beaches, breathtaking coral reefs, or a taste of Aboriginal culture, our trips to the other side of the hemisphere have you covered. From cooking Maori dinners in New Zealand to island-hopping in Fiji, our adventures will allow you to experience both the natural beauty and the local life in these beachside paradises.

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Fun Facts About The Region


What’s there to do when you’ve explored everything the land has to offer? Head into the final frontier: the ocean. Learn how to scuba dive so you can access an underwater oasis filled with shockingly colorful coral reefs and the most unusual fish you’ve ever seen.


No one island is quite like the other, as Oceania proves. Go island hopping to discover the distinct communities and cultures that play out in each uniquely gorgeous region.


One of the best parts about traveling is immersing yourself in a culture completely unlike your own, so take the opportunity to learn all about the history and ways of the Aboriginal and Maori people, the natives of this land.


Admit it: You’ve always dreamed of cuddling with a koala bear. You can do exactly that — as well as meet platypus, kangaroos, and other animals you won’t find anywhere else on the globe — here.

Natural Spas

You don’t need to shell out heaps of cash just to get pampered here. Instead, you can experience the spa life out in nature, whether it’s by soaking in a thermal spring or trying out the joys of a mud bath.


Hear legends that have been passed down for centuries and witness ancient spiritual rituals so you can truly get a sense of the role religion and spirituality has played — and continues to play — in the lives of the people down under.

High school traveler poses with a kangaroo on their adventure summer program to Australia.

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