The $600 USD deposit is required to process your application (NOTE: As of April 1st, deposit amount is raised to $900). Your application will not be processed until we receive your deposit. Deposit is fully refundable until February 1st, 2018 and during promotional periods. Details of promotions are listed at the top of the registration page of

During non-promotional periods and after February 1st, 2018, deposit is non-refundable. If we do not receive payment within 3 days of your application being submitted, your child’s position on the trip will be forfeited. Only one deposit of $600.00 (or $900) is necessary for combination trips.

Late registrations, made after April 2nd, 2018, will incur a $150 application fee that will not go toward the cost of tuition.  If the registration is completed after May 1st, 2018 the application fee will be $200.
Deposit payment may be made online through our secure website, via check (instructions below), or by credit card over the phone by calling 484-654-1032. Please make checks payable to Travel For Teens, LLC and mail to:

Travel For Teens, LLC
900 W. Valley Rd. Suite 300
Wayne, PA, 19087

Participants flying independently will be assessed a $100 independent flight charge, due within 30 days of registration. Subsequent payment may be made at once or in equal monthly instalments.
All credit card and PayPal payments (other than the initial $600 or $900 deposit) are subject to a 3% convenience fee, or 4% for American Express cards.

A $50 late payment fee will apply for payments made after the due date.

What’s Next?

Immediately after submitting your registration you should receive an email acknowledgement from If you have not received this within 72 hours of registration, please call us at 484-654-1032.


Once your deposit is paid, you will receive a SECOND email that contains your USERNAME and PASSWORD to MyTFT (our parent portal). All forms to be completed by parents and physician as well as packing lists, travel tips, travel insurance information, and other important information can be found on the MyTFT website (hard copies of the essential legal/medical forms can be mailed to participants upon request). Our contract and release must be signed by all custodial parents (or guardians) and the participant. There are substantial penalties for certain rules violations, including being sent home at the parents’/guardians’ expense. Our participants are expected to comply with all Travel For Teens, LLC rules and regulations. Please send payment as soon as you submit your registration.

Privacy Policy:

Travel For Teens, LLC is committed to keeping your information safe and will never distribute or share any of your/your child’s personal, medical or financial information to anyone without your express consent. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online and through mail. By visiting, you agree to our Privacy Policy which is available to you here:


We reserve the right to increase costs for tuition based on changes in fuel costs and currency fluctuations. We do not expect to do so, however.

Refund Policy – Tuition

The $600 deposit ($900 after April 15th) is applied towards the student’s tuition balance. Deposit is fully refundable until February 1st, 2018 and during any promotional period listed at the top of the registration page of During non-promotional periods and after February 1st, 2018, the deposit is non-refundable. Should the participant cancel or withdraw more than 100 days prior to departure, tuition less the deposit is fully refundable, less any extraordinary fees that may have been incurred, in the unlikely event, there are any. Should the participant cancel less than 100 days before departure for any reason whatsoever, all tuition is due regardless of whether the participant attends or not. A credit card must be on file and available for any nonpayment prior to 100 days before departure. Acceptable means of cancellation include written notice by email or fax. Verbal cancellations are not accepted. Any participant who withdraws from the program for any reason, including involuntary dismissal, will forfeit all tuition and airfare.

Application Fee

All registrations received on or before April 1st, 2018 will be subject to a one time non-refundable $100 ‘application’ fee.

There will be an increase in the application fee starting April 2nd, 2018. The fee will be $150.  And registrations received after May 1st, 2018 will be subject to this increased fee.

Discounts Disclaimer

In the event, a trip price or discount is listed incorrectly or with incorrect information due to typographical error or error in pricing or discount information, or the policy changes, Travel For Teens, LLC reserves the right to apply the proper discount in its sole discretion. The Early Bird Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. Other discounts can be combined. Please call 484-654-1032 for details. No early registration discounts or alumni discounts apply for school trips and/or private trips. Additional discounts cannot be applied for students who have received a reduced tuition scholarship. Conditions apply to all discounts, please contact TFT for details.

Additional Costs

Travel For Teens, LLC will obtain any medical or dental treatment that we, in our sole discretion, feel is necessary or advisable for the health of a participant and the health of the group. Parents/guardians agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred directly or indirectly in this regard. We attempt to reach a parent/guardian in the event that care is sought or deemed advisable and will attempt to make contact again regarding any medications recommended or prescribed.

Late Fees

There is an irrevocable $50 late fee for any payment made after the due date. There is a $50 late fee for not completing and returning all required participant paperwork.


If the participant is an American citizen and any trip destination requires a visa, TFT may at our sole discretion obtain the visa on behalf of the participant but in the alternative will help guide each participant through the steps necessary to obtain it. Knowing what is required for each destination, obtaining the proper applications, submitting all necessary paperwork and all costs incurred are the responsibility of the parent/guardian and not TFT regardless of circumstances.
If the participant is NOT an American citizen, whether or not residing in the USA, it is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to determine if a visa is needed to enter/exit the trip destinations, to make sure the visa(s) get processed, as well as to incur all costs that accompany that process. All necessary documentation must accompany the participant and it is solely up to the parent/guardian to determine what documentation is necessary, send it with the participant and provide TFT with a copy. TFT will assume no role whatsoever in this process nor its successful or accurate completion. We will also not assume any liability whatsoever, financial or otherwise for nonadmittance to any destination country.

Late Registrations

Students are welcome to sign up for all trips up until the date of departure provided there is space on the trip. For all sign ups made on or after April 2nd, 2018, a $150 application fee will apply. For all sign ups made on or after June 1, 2018, a $200 application fee will apply.

Flights and Transportation

We offer a chaperoned group flight for every trip with some exceptions. Parents should verify the availability prior to booking. Participants are required to take our group flight for a few of our trips but for most trips, they have the option to fly independently ( independent flight fee applies ) or to be dropped off at the beginning of the trip. Group prices are guaranteed until 60 days prior to departure but it is possible that all seats reserved at the group price can be sold before that. We usually can accommodate even late signups on group flights, but the fare is no longer fixed and must be quoted at the time of sign up. Our office can assist you with flights to and from the departure/arrival airport for group flights but these flights are, of course, your responsibility and at your expense. We assume no liability for these flights so it is crucial that parents check flight details carefully.

We assume no responsibility for any delay, cancellation or strike of flights, public transportation such as buses, trains, ferries, metros and the like) and reserve the right to organize alternate transport as necessary. Any additional costs incurred as a result of these delays or cancellations are your responsibility and expense.

If you would like Travel For Teens to book your child’s flights to and from the departure/arrival airport to link up with the group flights, a flat $50 booking fee applies.

Flights between trips: For students taking combination trips we arrange flights between trips but cost is additional. These can usually be chaperoned. Additional fees may apply, but usually do not.

Flights within trips:

All intra-trip flights are chaperoned by the TFT counselors and are an additional expense.

Independent Flights:

If your child does not choose to take the group flight, we can help with flights to and from your departure city. The responsibility for these flights rests with the participant. There is a $100 independent flight fee each way for participants not flying on the group flight.

Frequent Flier Miles:

Parents who wish to use frequent flier miles for their child’s group flight are more than welcome to do so. The earlier you book your trip and flights the more likely it is that this will be a viable option.

Missed flights:

In the event that a child misses the chaperoned group flight, TFT will work with you to help re-route the student to reach their trip. This will often incur extra fees. We strongly encourage participants to purchase Trip Insurance for this reason. For a nominal fee participants may arrive the day before departure and/or stay over an extra night at the arrival city with TFT staff to insure flight compatibility.

Refund Policy – Airfare:

If the participant has selected TFT’s group air that is on contract and cancels more than 100 days prior to departure, all monies paid will be refunded less any penalties charged by the airline. These are often, but not always, $250. If the participant has selected TFT’s group air and cancels within 100 days prior to departure, all monies paid for airfare are forfeited. Once a participant/parent has selected TFT’s group air, the participant is obligated to purchase the air whether or not payment has been made.

If the participant has selected TFT’s group air and the ticket is priced live at the time of purchase, the participant is subject to all rules and penalties of the the airline for cancellation.

Payment Terms

$600 deposit ($900 after April 1st) is applied towards the student’s tuition balance. Deposit is fully refundable during any promotional period listed at the top of the registration page of During non-promotional periods and after February 1st, 2018, deposit is non-refundable. Only one deposit is needed for combination trips. Signed contract is due within 10 days of deposit. Subsequent payment can be made at once or in equal monthly instalments. New registrations after May 1, 2018 must make full payment within 3 days of their registration date. Substantial penalties will be assessed for late payment. If your child is an independent traveler and being met abroad or delivered to the hotel, there is an independent traveler fee of $100 each way. Please call for more details 484-654-1032.


Travel For Teens, LLC reserves the right to use any photos, videos or testimonials from its trips in any manner it desires.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property and Lost Luggage

Travel For Teens, LLC and its staff are not responsible for the loss and/or recovery of any lost, stolen or damaged belongings. In the event of lost luggage we will help as much as we can, but the responsibility for recovering lost luggage, ensuring that the participant has enough clothes and supplies to continue and the lost luggage returned while on the trip is up to the parents/guardians.


Parents/guardians are expected to ensure that full disclosure is made regarding any physical or mental condition that has any potential to affect the participant’s ability to participate on the trips. Withholding information is considered a breach of contract. This obligation continues on an ongoing basis even after all forms are turned in.

Cancellation, Return and Insurance

Travel for Teens STRONGLY recommends all participants purchase a Trip Protection Plan for protection against trip cancellation, modification, unforeseen circumstances, delayed flights, additional costs incurred due to events which may happen as part of travel, medical or family emergencies, lost baggage situations, full medical coverage abroad, and more. Please contact us if you would like information about purchasing a Trip Protection Plan.
We are not responsible for costs incurred by families in preparing for a program that is altered or cancelled. We are not responsible for airfare purchased for a trip that is altered or cancelled. These are items that should be covered by the insurance policy purchased. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to determine the extent to which the chosen policy covers any event, regardless of whether or not a policy recommended by TFT is sufficient.

We reserve the right to dismiss any participant for disruptive, unbecoming, immoral or disobedient behavior at our sole discretion, without refund, at the parents/guardians expense. Dismissed participants must be provided either a guardian for pickup or a ticket home within 12-24 hours of dismissal. Participants understand and agree that if they are present when others commit these sorts of offenses they are culpable as well and expected to notify a trip leader. Travel For Teens, LLC reserves the right to cancel or change the program itinerary, location, dates or duration for any reason at any time. We are not responsible for costs incurred by families in preparing for a program that is altered or cancelled. We are not responsible for airfare purchased for a trip that is altered or cancelled.

Applicable Law and Venue

I have accurately and fully completed this online registration form, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. I will promptly review and complete all materials when forwarded to me. I give permission for my child to participate in Travel For Teens, LLC program activities whether conducted by Travel For Teens, LLC or a subcontractor and fully release Travel For Teens, LLC and its contractors from any and all liability associated with program participation. In the unlikely event of a dispute, I agree that this registration and all other aspects of my and my child’s relationship with Travel For Teens, LLC will be governed by Pennsylvania state law, specifically the rules of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. In the event, I should not prevail in a dispute I agree to pay all court and attorney costs and fees. The venue for dispute resolution will be Delaware County, Pennsylvania.