Carly had the best trip. The counselors were amazing! Thank you for the daily updates and communication and for taking such great care of the kids. The staff have been an absolute pleasure and so professional!


Laura Kessler

"Another amazing day! Laura had a bit of art history in her Spanish class this past year and was looking forward to seeing some of the paintings. Thank you again for giving all the kids such wonderful opportunities! Thank you again for all that you are doing to broaden their horizons! You work magic and get the kids to do things that we parents never would be able to get our own kids to do! Just want to tell you how much Laura’s family is enjoying your amazing, funny, and artistic pictures! Laura’s Grandma Root enjoys reading your informative, adventure-packed updates, and looking at the pictures every night before she goes to bed."

Judy Morrison Wayne, PA

"Thank you so much! Mariia is very happy in Spain. She likes Spanish classes and has fun spending time in San-Sebastián."

Kate Rusina

"We truly are enjoying your pictures and updates! They’ve helped me to step back and let Laura experience Spain with a bit of independence."

Judy Morrison

"Thank you so much for posting these pictures every day. We were not expecting that and it is so fun to look forward to seeing them! All of the kids look so happy. Thank you again for looking over them. Thank you for leading her through such an amazing experience and watching over her. We can't thank you enough and we definitely can't wait to see her."

Gina Dague

"I am loving your updates and pictures. How fun! Thank you and please keep them coming."

Ana Centola

"I am so happy with my son’s choice of vacation. TFT, 100% recommend it ... Thank you so much."

Dolores Henrichs

"Thank you, thank you and thank you!!! We love receiving the daily updates and photos. We are so impressed with TFT and the counselors. This has been a dream for Jaelyn to return to Korea, to see her birth country and learn about the culture. We could not have picked a better organization to travel with. She is very happy to be there and we are glad to see her taking advantage of every opportunity... by the photos. Thank you so very much. We feel like we are traveling with her with all the wonderful photos!!"

Lori Harhold

"You guys are amazing!!! Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to talk with Dawson in person and hear all about it!!!! He already wants to travel more so I can’t thank you and Travel For Teens enough for providing and guiding this fabulous opportunity!!! Thank you for the incredible updates!!"

Kelley Thalhammer

"Loving the updates and the photos! Sounds like a fantastic trip. Getting intermittent texts and calls from Cosy and all seems well. Hope it's all good from your POV, too. Many thanks for leading this memorable adventure!"

Julie Glucksman

"Wow! This is so great :) Thanks for everything that you are doing and for the updates; I’m sure the kids are having a blast already!"

Carrie Berenstein

"Thank you for everything- truly a trip of a lifetime!!! Thank you for all of your wonderful guidance and leadership- I truly felt like I was living vicariously by your updates and photos! These are fabulous updates and the trip, both in pictures and as conveyed to us by Amanda, is truly amazing. We can't believe how much you are packing into each day. Thank you for taking such good care of Amanda... we really appreciate it. What a trip to remember!"

Jim and Amy Kalishman

"It sounds incredible! We spoke to Amanda briefly last night and she is having a wonderful time! Thank you for being wonderful counselors and we are excited to hear and see more pics. Have fun and be safe. Thank you for the great updates."

Mindy Goldstein

"Thank you so much for the photos and updates. We look forward to them each night! I love how big Joanmarie’s smile is in her photos! What amazing experiences that will help to shape their knowledge of the world."

Susan Nimmer

"Thank you. Brittany had an amazing trip!!"

Dorothy Bauman