"I had never done an overnight camp before and I decided to go big and go to Scotland and Ireland with TFT! It was the best experience I ever had and I made so many memories. First off, the staff is incredible and they always take care of safety first, they are very fun and very supportive. One of the best adventures I remember was when we went rock climbing on the cliffs and rocks on the coast of Ireland, we got to jump off from the cliffs and into the ocean and that was such a blast. We also got to visit a castle and learn about falcons and even hold them as they would fly back and forth off our arms. The food was also incredible, as we got to try typical meals like a full English breakfast and haggis. The accommodations were very good too. For two of the three places we stayed at, we stayed at a hostel. They were quite small, but with all the new friends you meet there, it does not feel weird to be within such close proximity with others. The third place we stayed at was at an outdoor activity center on Achill Island and that was the most fun since every day there was a new activity such as surfing, canoeing, coasteering (climbing the rocks by the ocean), archery, and so many more. I have traveled a lot before, but with TFT, they are always on the move and you are trying new activities and trying new food while taking in the breathtaking scenery."

Annabeth White

"I was given the opportunity of a lifetime: to travel across Europe with amazing kids my age and outstanding counsellors. This trip showed me beautiful parts of the world I longed to see since I was a little girl. Not only were the people, accommodations and food incredible, but also the activities. Like canyoning down a mountainside in the middle of the Swiss Alps, paddle boating in the canals of Amsterdam and riding my bike on a beautiful trail just at the foot of Neuschwanstein Castle to a lake where we could swim to the middle and face the German hillside with two beautiful castles as the backdrop. After going on this trip, I can now tell my friends that I’ve travelled across Europe and I’m not even finished with high school yet. It was truly an incredible experience and I would totally recommend it to any teenagers aspiring to travel."

Sydney Johnson

"I have traveled with TFT for four summers now, exploring Costa Rica, Croatia, Fiji and Greece. These trips have been the highlight of my summers. They have broadened my horizons and strengthened my confidence. Going on these trips and meeting new people changed how I view the world. I love having conversations with locals and people I meet along the way. The small TFT groups and the knowledgeable and enthusiastic group leaders make for a fun and eye-opening experience. What sets TFT apart is that we immerse ourselves in the culture and we are not just tourists. We meet locals, hear stories about their lives, and it is truly invigorating. Travel For Teens has given me so much more than fun memories over the summer. They have given me the ability to be comfortable talking to anyone, being in new places, having a widened perspective on other cultures, and to be independent. On my Costa Rica and Fiji trips, we volunteered with school children. In a very short time we made deep connections that I will always cherish. I feel so fortunate to have had my eyes opened through TFT to so many beautiful places and memorable people."

Anna Fox

"Travel For Teens gave me the opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone, while creating life-long friendships, in places I never thought I’d be able to go to. TFT encourages their campers to try new things, keep a positive outlook, and learn to be travelers rather than tourists. Every TFT trip I have been on has been extremely well organized and packed of fun and exciting experiences. My trip directors and counselors did everything they could to make sure everyone was having a good time and felt included and comfortable. Only good things to say about Travel For Teens!"

Amy Kluther

"Coming home from my summer with TFT was a challenge. After having such an amazing time on my French Language trip, I didn't want to go back to school. I mean, we had language classes in Paris, but I had so much fun learning French from a native Parisian teacher that they hardly seemed like school at all! As soon as I got on my flight home I was already thinking about my next chance to travel. This coming year will be my third of summer explorations with TFT and I have loved every minute. The genuine connections, in-depth cultural immersions and enthusiastic counselors are what keep me coming back year after year. Thank you for all the memories and I look forward to my my next adventure!"

Linda Procell

"This past summer I went to Spain with TFT. Like all of the TFT trips I have been on, this one was amazing! We went on a bike tour through Barcelona, swam in the waters of Malaga, and dined at amazing restaurants in Madrid. The counselors were so knowledgable, teaching us Spanish as well as great tips about the cities we were in! There was never a dull moment, and every day was a unique adventure. My favorite parts were touring the beautiful Sagrada Familia and learning how to make paella. This trip is a great choice for both new and experienced travelers and I highly recommend it for anyone with a love of culture, beaches, history, and tapas!"

Lindsay Cullen

"On my TFT trip, I had the most amazing time. Not only did I get to explore a few cool cities, but I was supported by the best staff. I instantly became extremely close friends with the other kids on TFT trip. Everyone who went was so nice, and within minutes after my arrival in San Diego, any nervous energy I felt had been let go. Over those two weeks, I learned how to be independent, and trust myself as well as how to rely on other kids my age. I loved swimming in the Pacific Ocean. I had so many favorite parts that I can't choose one. We stayed at this incredibly beautiful mountainside lodge in Lake Tahoe, it was so nice. The last night of my trip was really fun. All the kids stayed up together and talked about how much we would miss each other. Two years later, I hung out with a few of my friends from the trip a month ago. Go on a TFT trip, it's an adventure that you'd be crazy to miss. The connections you will make can last a lifetime."

Sam Goldstone

"I picked this trip over my senior trip with my graduating class, and it was the best decision ever. This was the best trip of my life! The group and the staff were amazing, everybody got along super well. It was the hardest trip to fall back into reality from; I never wanted it to end."

Catalina Pino

"As I entered my summer after graduating high school and before starting college, I wanted to do something that created lifelong memories and allowed me to explore a new part of the world I’d never been to; TFT’s Greece Island Hopping for Older Teens did just that. I was thankful that TFT offered a program specifically for kids finishing 11th and 12th grade, because I wanted to be surrounded by other people my age, with similar experiences and interests as me. This program was the perfect way for me to explore the gorgeous beaches of Paros and Naxos, and also immerse myself in the greek culture through sampling different foods, and speaking with locals. Greece has so many unique and historical sights to offer, and this trip gave me the chance to see it all; the famous Acropolis in Athens, the postcard-like blue domed buildings of Santorini, the ancient grecian island Delos, and more. I could not have asked for a better trip to send me off into the new chapter of my life!"

Lindsay Peigh

"This trip to Greece was my first time traveling with TFT and easily one of the best experiences of my entire life. I learned so much more about myself, traveling, and other cultures over those two weeks than I ever expected to. I did not know anyone on my trip before meeting up at the airport and ended the trip with best friends that I continue to talk to every single day (over three years later), and that I even coordinated TFT trips with the following summer. I hold so many special memories from this trip and could not recommend TFT and Greece more!"

Amy Kluther

"This past summer, I had the ability to travel with Travel For Teens to the beautiful countries and cities of Prague, Vienna, Slovenia and Croatia. The experiences I had while on this trip is one I will never forget. From meeting friends that will last a lifetime to seeing sights unimaginable, my entire trip was beyond amazing. From a biking tour through the beautiful city of Prague, to seeing breathtaking castles in Vienna, and swimming in the clearest water in Slovenia, the adventures and sights I saw while on this trip were ones that will forever be some of the most beautiful places I have seen. The counselors were great in helping us learn about the culture and making us feel like travelers, not tourists. I wish I could do this trip again."

Meagan Hoffman

"My trip with Travel For Teens was filled with adventure, opportunities for growth, excitement, and laughter. The staff at TFT is dedicated to making each traveler’s experience the best that it can be. Last summer, I visited Paris, Italy, and Switzerland with travel for teens. The trip I traveled with was small, only about 14 students, which is an average size group for TFT. Each traveler experienced each city in the way that was most beneficial for them. You were allowed to go off on her own with your friends and eat at local restaurants and shop at thrift stores, as well as having the opportunity to explore the Louvre, go paragliding in the Swiss Alps, and so much more. I will always be a fan of TFT, and plan on staying involved in the company for as long as I am able to. Going from a traveler to a CIT has allowed me to see the trip from the perspective of a student as well as the perspective of an employee and has taught me how much effort goes into making sure each traveler has incredible experience."

Hana Hayes

"The chance to experience all these beautiful places with great friends and counselors is so unique. I am grateful to have discovered Travel For Teens after graduating high school. It was my dream as a senior to go abroad and this trip answered all my prayers. Thank you so much for helping me step outside my comfort zone and get to see parts of the world I had only dreamed of, if only for two weeks! At first it can seem a little unusual, but once you start talking to other people in the group, you realize they are just like you. You start to make connections that form on their own because you see there are other teens who share your interests and help you adjust. The staff know just what to do and where to go. It was the time of my life, I loved it and feel inspired by the wonderful gift of traveling with TFT."

Cedar Latimer

"Travel For Teens provided me with the opportunity to not only explore new cultures and sights, but also allowed me to experience life as a local not a tourist. My trip to Italy, Switzerland, and France completely changed my life by instilling an appreciation for other languages, foods, and traditions. One of my favorite parts was traveling with a group of students my age and the extremely knowledgeable and passionate counselors who I still communicate with to this day."

Melania Hillery

"The Travel For Teens trip was the best experience of my life! The itinerary for each location was full of amazing activities and excursions that helped me experience the culture of each city like a local. The counselors made sure we always felt safe, but gave us freedom to explore on our own. There is nothing I would change about my two weeks in Europe as they were the best of my life! Thank you, Travel For Teens for some unforgettable memories and the opportunity to meet some lifelong friends."

Muskan Uppal