Rules and Expectations

We want our programs to be fun and life-changing. However, we have rules and expectations that we hold each and every participant to for the safety and cohesion of the group. It is required to read and sign off on our rules and code of conduct. These rules are then reiterated by the Trip Director prior to departure and again on the first day of the trip.


Safety is our number one priority, followed by the well-being of all our participants. Please take this time to read and understand our program expectations along with the repercussions of violating our rules.

TFT Core Rules

Travel For Teens has five core rules designed for the safety of the group.

  • No drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs
  • No sexual activity
  • No leaving the group without permission
  • No bringing strangers into the group
  • No Negative Energy, which includes our zero-tolerance stance towards bullying or compromising the group experience

Following these five rules is vital to participants’ safety. In order to ensure the rules are respected and the group safety is maintained, TFT will send home participants who violate any one of the rules. Participants who are removed from a program for violating one of our core rules will not be refunded and are financially responsible for any additional costs associated with this.





TFT Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct comprises of our five core rules, along with expectations of behavior, respect, punctuality, and language. Violating any part of our Code of Conduct may lead to immediate dismissal from the program.

All participants are required to sign our Code of Conduct confirming they understand the rules and expectations of Travel For Teens.

You can review our Code of Conduct here.

Eligibility and Personal Expectations

While Travel For Teens programs are appropriate for most teens, they are not necessarily appropriate for all. Successful travelers are in good health and are dedicated to immersing themselves fully in the experience. Participants are enthusiastic about all their trip has to offer and are positive, welcoming, and encouraging of their fellow travelers.

Travel For Teens is not a therapeutic program, so our experience may not be best suited for those experiencing behavioral, mental health, substance abuse, or self-harm issues. Please contact us if you have any concerns if traveling with TFT is the best option right now.

Travel For Teens does offer the option to hire a “coach” or additional staff member to assist travelers who may need a little more help. Please contact us directly for details.

Understanding Our Expectations

Our Trip Directors and Counselors have the safety of your teen in mind at all hours of the day throughout the program. Failure of your teen to follow the rules, expectations, and guidelines in place makes it more difficult for our staff to guarantee their safety. Even small actions of not listening to staff or showing up late at meeting times can undermine the safety of the group and lead to bigger issues.

We implore you and your teen to understand that this is group travel, and the safety and cohesiveness of the group are paramount.

Inclusivity Statement

Travel For Teens is committed to creating a culture of inclusivity. We celebrate the differences that our participants, employees, and families bring to create a diverse community. We are proud to foster an environment that encourages respect, tolerance, and acceptance. Travel For Teens welcomes the unique contributions our travelers bring in terms of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and religion.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and reserve the right to remove any participant not abiding by our code of conduct from the program.


Program Dismissal

When a participant is dismissed from a program for violating the core rules or code of conduct, no refund will be given for any program costs or flights, whether used or unused. All costs associated with the participant’s departure will be the responsibility of the participant and their family. Future participation in programs will be under review.

Trip Preparation