We Love Our Teachers!

Earn points every time you travel with us. Giving your students the gift of travel should be rewarded. Check out some of the ways we say thank you to our teachers!

Travel For Free!

Enroll just six paying participants and your trip is covered. For every additional six participants, another chaperone can join you for free!

Referral Bonus

Refer a fellow teacher to TFT and earn cash or travel rewards! You will also earn cash rewards when you refer families to TFT for our open enrollment summer programs.

Family and Faculty Discounts

Want your friends or family to join in on your adventure? We’ll extend a 10% discount to any family members or coworkers who join your trip.

Large Group Bonus

If you enroll more than 25 participants for your trip we will reward you with extra cash.

Inquire about our Bonus Referral programs