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Our authentic educational experiences are designed to turn the world into your classroom!

We transform teens into travelers, instead of tourists. We use a hands-on approach to discover what it means to live like a local in each destination. Our programs instill a love for travel, hunger for learning, and genuine curiosity about different cultures.

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We Never Combine Groups

Your tour should be special and just for you and your students! We will never combine two or more groups on the same bus or tour.

More Inclusions

We include more! Many other companies offer “budget prices” that include less. We offer activities like cooking lessons, local connections, workshops, and more.

Stress-Free Trip Planning

We handle almost every detail from the moment you start planning throughout the entire duration of the trip. Educational travel should be fun and rewarding, not stressful!

Photos & Email Updates

Your trip is special and our dedicated staff will capture those memories for you and your students! We are the only educational travel program to offer this in-depth trip communication and it makes all the difference!

Authenticity is ingrained in everything we do. Eat, stay, and travel like a local.

Check out what past travelers have to say about TFT and discover why we are consistently winning awards for Top Youth Travel Organization.

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"Coming home from my summer with TFT was a challenge. After having such an amazing time on my French Language trip, I didn't want to go back to school. I mean, we had language classes in Paris, but I had so much fun learning French from a native Parisian teacher that they hardly seemed like school at all! As soon as I got on my flight home I was already thinking about my next chance to travel. This coming year will be my third of summer explorations with TFT and I have loved every minute. The genuine connections, in-depth cultural immersions and enthusiastic counselors are what keep me coming back year after year. Thank you for all the memories and I look forward to my my next adventure!"

Linda Procell

"First of all, thank you for the great pics. You have no idea how much this means to my husband and me. We feel like we are on the trip with Quinn. Of course it wouldn't be complete without your awesome narratives. It is wonderful to be able to know what adventures Quinn has experienced just hours later. Your writing is beautiful and detailed enough to feel like we were there. Keep up the good work! Quinn is having the time of his life and we are just delighted to get a glimpse of it all."

Darlene Turner


Carly had the best trip. The counselors were amazing! Thank you for the daily updates and communication and for taking such great care of the kids. The staff have been an absolute pleasure and so professional!


Laura Kessler

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