Calling all adventure-seekers: Our Africa programs are perfect for you! With its famed wildlife and fascinating history, you know you’re guaranteed a trip unlike any other. Go on a safari and spot giraffes and lions in Tanzania or wander around the mountainous seaside paradise that is Cape Town. Either way, Africa offers the kind of possibilities you’ve only dreamed about. We offer teen travel programs in South Africa, Tanzania, and Morocco!

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Fun Facts About The Region


If you want to get to properly know Africa’s wildlife, there’s no better option than a sarafi! Ride out deep into the savannah to truly experience the beauty of Africa’s landscape — and spot some truly awesome animals along the way.


Africa is home to beautiful views and wonderful people, but it also offers a complex and fascinating history. Learn about the effects of Apartheid and how it was brought down from former political prisoners who experienced it firsthand in South Africa or go further into the past through the stories of the nomadic Hadzabe Bushmen tribe in Tanzania.


When you picture Africa, you may not envision mountains — but that’s a mistake. Africa is home to some of the most iconic mountains in the world, like the unusually-shaped Table Mountain in Cape Town or Kilimanjaro itself, one of the tallest mountains in the world.


You’ll learn an entirely new meaning for “retail therapy” after strolling through the markets here. Local artisans offer handmade goods and chefs hawk traditional culinary delights in the markets, allowing you to both shop and experience the culture at the same time.


Can you really experience another country if you don’t chow down on traditional delicacies? Africa offers an array of delicious dishes unlike food you’ll find anywhere else. Even better yet, learn to cook these local favorites to bring Africa home with you.

Sharks and Whales

Great white sharks and humpback whales are borderline mythical creatures at this point, spawning dozens of legends. But in Africa, you can come face to face with these famed creatures, through boat tours and *gulp* cage diving.

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02 / 02 Work on meaningful service projects with local communities.

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