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We are committed to our mission of inspiring youth and providing transformative travel experiences. Discover how we are ensuring safe and meaningful travel during the new normal, stay up to date with where you can travel, and take a look at our domestic programs focused on outdoor experiences and social distancing.

Why TFT is the best in youth travel

Local Experiences

Our mission is authentic travel. We partner with local experts to create enriching experiences that teach teens to be savvy travelers. Every program is designed to be hands-on—emphasizing doing and feeling, in addition to just seeing, so teens discover what it means to live like a local in every country we visit.

Small and Diverse

Group sizes of 14-21 students allow us to travel comfortably and to make real connections to each other and the host community. Participants come from a mix of different states, regions, and countries. We also welcome solo travelers — 75% of our teens join us without a friend!

Transformative Teen Travel

Travel isn’t just about new places; it’s about new perspectives. We encourage teens to step outside their comfort zone and into cultural immersion. They leave our programs with a better understanding of the world and with the confidence to keep exploring!

The Most Variety

We offer more programs in more destinations than any other teen travel company. With over 100 programs and 40+ countries to choose from, you’re sure to find a program that’s the perfect fit.

Forget teen tours.

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Choose from 46 countries to explore.

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Our programs are designed to instill a love for travel, hunger for learning, and genuine curiosity about different cultures.

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Authenticity is ingrained in everything we do. Eat, stay, and travel like a local.

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"This is simply one of the best things we ever did for Ethan. That first trip opened him to a new world. Different cultures, food, diversity, sights, relationships, team building, confidence, independence...only a few of the positive gains for Ethan. Now, he is off to George Washington University with confidence, excitement, and an awareness for others for which we are so grateful. We are pleased and appreciative beyond words to be a member of the TFT family for a lifetime!"

Diana S., Paoli, PA Parent

"Thank you for giving Kat such a great experience. She had a wonderful time. You guys are terrific. The great parental bonus -- and I'm sure you hear this all the time -- is the photographs and the daily email. We get to see what the kids are seeing and we get to see the group and we get to see our teen. What could be better? Viewing the pictures became our evening ritual: out on the deck overlooking suburbia, sipping cold drinks, and oohing and ahhing over the photos, feeling almost like we were there. I'm sure you're awash in praise like this -- as you should be. Kat had such an enriching trip. Thank you very much! With any luck she'll be back next summer."

Tom and Madora K., Old Lyme, CT Parent

"Great description of the group’s activities. You make us feel as if we are almost there with you. The pictures are also fantastic. Keep up the travelogues. Your travelogues are fabulous. Very much appreciate you trying to make us feel as if we are there sharing those great experiences with all the kids. Pictures are awesome too. Thanks you for taking such good care of everyone."

Burt Bines

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