Ways to Pay

Credit Card

Travel For Teens accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover but not American Express. All CC payments will incur a 4% credit card processing fee except your initial deposit and registration fee.

You can make a payment by card directly within your MyTFT portal. Click Dashboard, select your trip, and ‘View Statement’. If you are making a payment on behalf of a traveler and do not have access to their portal, you can call us directly at 888-457-4534 and we can take payment directly over the phone.


An ACH, also known as an e-check, is a simple bank-to-bank transfer that can be done directly in your MyTFT Portal–it’s as simple as entering your account type, routing and account number, and name. Paying by ACH does not incur a fee on our end, however, it is possible that your bank charges for this service. Please note that payment by ACH is ONLY available to clients with a US bank account.

To make a payment by ACH, enter your MyTFT portal. Click Dashboard, select your trip, and ‘View Statement’.

If you would like to make a payment on behalf of a traveler and do not have access to their portal, please send an email to help@travelforteens.com and we will provide you with a secure ACH form.

Note – we are unable to process ACH payments over the phone at this time.

International Wire

If you do not live in the US and would like to send a wire, you have that option. All incoming wires vary in the cost to send and receive. Travel For Teens charges a flat $20 per wire bank fee to cover the cost in receiving the wire. Please add this fee when setting up the transaction.

To send TFT an international wire, you can take the following information to your bank to initiate the transaction. Please send a confirmation of the completed wire to help@travelforteens.com so that we can properly apply the payment to your account.

Beneficiary:  Travel For Teens
Beneficiary Account: 9276989

Routing Number:  031302971
Reference:  (traveler’s first and last name)
SEC Code:  CCD

Customers Bank
99 Bridge St
Phoenixville, PA 19460

What to Pay

Payments You Will Make

  • Deposit – An $800 deposit + $100 application fee is required to process your registration; your spot is not secured until the deposit is received. The deposit is fully refundable during promotional periods, details of which can be found here. During non-promotional periods, the deposit is refundable for 24 hours after receipt and non-refundable thereafter. If we do not receive a payment within three days of your application being submitted, your teen’s position in the selected program will be forfeited. You will pay the deposit directly in the MyTFT portal as you finish the registration process.


  • Application Fee – All registrations received on or before March 31st will be subject to a one-time non-refundable $100 application fee. All registrations received after April 1st will be subject to increased application fees. The application fee is included as part of the $900 deposit payment.


  • Tuition – After the application fee is applied, the remainder of the deposit is paid toward the tuition balance. All tuition payments are backed by our Flexible Travel Guarantee.


  • Airfare – Airfare is not included in any of our programs. Travel For Teens will provide group flight or flight window options for each program and can help families in booking airfare.


Payments You May Make

  • Intra Trip Flights and Rail Passes – Certain programs have flights or train travel during the trip, and are invoiced after registration as we set up your account. Each program discloses whether or not it will have an intra or rail pass. Details and costs can be found on our Programs Page by hovering over the trip and clicking ‘Program Details’.



  • Additional Charges – Depending on the circumstance, there may be additional charges to your statement for independent flights, private transfers, medicine assistance, hotel overnights, and flight changes. Click here for a more detailed list of potential charges and price ranges.


  • Optional Add-Ons – Also known as Excursions, these optional activities are available in some of our programs. They are often higher adrenaline activities that not every in the group may want to participate in. Optional Add-Ons for trips are announced in the spring and you will be able to sign up for them directly in your MyTFT portal.

When to Pay

Tuition Payment Deadlines

Your payment deadline depends greatly on when you registered. If you are already registered, you can view your payment due date at any time on the dashboard of your MyTFT account, or on any statement TFT has sent you.

In general, Travel For Teens’ payment due dates are as follows

  • April 1 – Registrations received between Fall and the last week of March


  • Within 2 Weeks – Registrations received between March 31 and April 30


  • Within 3 Days – Registrations received after May 1

Payments can be made in installments or one lump sum, so long as the full payment is received prior to your due date.

Late Fees and No Payment

If payment is not received by your due date, Travel For Teens may have no choice but to assess late fees. We will send a reminder once the payment is overdue, and if we do not receive payment or hear from you, a $50 late fee will be added to the account. In the event payment is still not received, the credit card on file will be charged for the remaining balance due and the credit card processing fee will apply.

In the extreme event that payment is not received within one week of the due date and we are unable to charge the card on file, Travel For Teens reserves the right to remove your teen from the scheduled program.

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