Do you have smart, passionate students who would benefit from the life changing experience of traveling abroad? Ever wondered what it would be like to lead them through the Roman ruins as they learn about the fall of an empire or expose them to the art history lesson of a lifetime as you wander through the Louvre’s expansive galleries? If you have, then it might be time to plan a school trip to Europe!

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of tour operators, like Travel For Teens, that exist to make planning a trip abroad as easy as possible for teachers!

Colosseum Rome

Picking Destinations in Europe

Deciding where you want to go on your school trip will mostly depend on your educational goals. Travel can be an amazing tool to instill a hunger for learning and an appreciation for other cultures in students. Whether your goals are in environmental studies, foreign languages, biology, or photography, travel can encourage your students to view and think critically about the world beyond the classroom in ways they never dreamed of.

The educational goals you have for your students will help you narrow down your search and decide what location would be the best fit. There are dozens of pre-made itineraries to help you craft a school trip abroad that focuses on completing a classroom group objective through hands-on experience and intellectual exploration.

Wherever you choose to go, many teen tour companies offer a vast catalog of unique school trips to Europe designed to fit the educational goals of your individual class. Learn about the benefits of traveling with TFT (including how teachers travel free!) and check out some of our programs to Europe here:

Planning the Perfect Trip to Europe

Planning your perfect school trip to Europe is easier than ever with the dedicated travel experts who are passionate about helping students discover the world. You can be on your way to your dream trip in just a few simple steps and we’ll help you out every step of the way!

Step 1: Decide your educational goals & where you want to go

Perhaps you see your students perfecting their language skills in France or Spain as they traverse the streets of these stunning countries, trying traditional street foods and conversing with locals. Or maybe finishing off a magical day of visiting some of London’s most quintessential sights, like Trafalgar Square, the Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben, by watching their literature lesson come to life with a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

Paris Markets
Step 2: Decide on what cities and highlights you’d like to see while there

Once you have an idea of your goals and the country you’d like to go to, make a list of all of the activities and cities you want to visit on your trip. Some tours focus on sightseeing but you might want to consider activities like cooking lessons, a bike tour, or a canal cruise.

Step 3: Consider a tour operator

There are plenty of options when it comes to teen tour operators. These are professionals who are passionate about giving teens the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and explore the world. You may find that partnering with one of them is the best way to pull off your ideal trip.

Step 4: Compare quotes and itineraries

Once you have found a few tour operators you trust, you can compare their travel packages and itineraries to make sure they meet every destination on your list. Most of these operators even have special deals for teachers to travel free!

Student Program Paris
Step 5: Find a flight path that works with your schedule

Choosing a flight and making sure all of your students can depart and return together will be important. If you are choosing to work with a tour operator like Travel For Teens, they can help you with the logistics of this step and take out the stress of the logistical planning.

Dancing Lesson Greece
Step 6: Find an accommodation to stay at while you’re abroad

If you’re working through a tour operator, you can likely skip this step as they’ll have their own accommodations to stay at. If not, you’ll need to find a hotel or hostel in your desired destination. You may want to consider factors such as location, safety, cleanliness and whether they have enough space to accommodate all of the students you plan to bring on your chosen dates.

Santorini for Students
Step 7: Make sure all of your paperwork is in order

Once you have your itinerary in order, research what your destination requires upon entry and make sure you and your students have your passports and visas up to date and ready to go! Once your itinerary is set, flights are finalized, paperwork is up to date, and accommodation booked, you’ll be ready to set out on your adventure!

Paris Museums

We highly recommend you consider planning your school trip through a tour operator to simplify the process and avoid any added stress. Leave the planning to the experts! Travel For Teens is one of the top school trip operators and offers a wide variety of tours to fit your interests and budget. Learn more about why you should partner with Travel For Teens.