High school students discover the Colosseum on their summer teen tour to Italy.

A School Tour Company takes care of the nitty gritty

While you’re likely excited to show your students the world outside your classroom, no one should expect you to be a travel agent or tour operator on top of being an educator. A school tour company, like Travel For Teens, manages the logistics of your school trip abroad—the flights, the itineraries, the payment plans—so it’s fulfilling and rewarding, not a second job. 

Here are three advantages of using a school tour company to help you plan and book your educational trip abroad. 

1. Custom Itineraries

A school tour company works closely with you to bring your school trip vision to life. But every group of students is unique and every school has its own learning objectives so you shouldn’t be forced to fit your passionate group of kids into a cookie-cutter tour. First, we gain an understanding of your group’s goals, expectations, and budget. Next, we craft custom itineraries that help you actually achieve your educational outcomes. So your trip provides real-world experiences for your students that multiply the impact of your curriculum and accelerate their growth. 

2. Expert, Local Guides 

Forget the tour bus. A school tour company like Travel For Teens makes sure your students don’t travel across the world only to stay in chain hotels and eat at Americanized restaurants. Because school tour operators have professional relationships with local vendors, your students are guaranteed to have true cultural experiences. From authentic cooking classes in Italy to environmental conservation lessons led by naturalists on the Galapagos Islands, local guides enhance an educational trip. 

3. Teacher Benefits 

Teachers give so much to their students—their unwavering energy, support, passion, and let’s not forget, patience. Choose a school tour company that provides benefits to teachers. For example, when educators plan and book their school trip abroad with Travel For Teens, teachers travel for free. Check out all the benefits for teachers including faculty and family discounts and referral bonuses when you book with Travel For Teens. 

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