It’s no surprise that Travel For Teens’ Hawaii trips are the first programs to sell out year after year! From pristine beaches to lush jungles, check out why we love embracing the aloha spirit in paradise.

Whether you’re considering a Hawaii teen travel program, or simply looking for Hawaii travel inspiration, we’re happy to share some of our favorite activities on our different Hawaii itineraries. Check out our USA Teen Travel programs here. Contact us for a detailed itinerary!

1. Stunning Beaches

Students enjoy stretches of beach in Hawaii on summer teen travel program.

Hawaii’s beaches are some of the most spectacular in the world. TFT chooses accommodations steps from the water so we can soak up as much beach time as possible between all our island activities.

You’re sure to capture an instagram-perfect moment whether you’re playing beach volleyball, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, surfing the waves, or simply soaking up the sun in a beach-side hammock.

Hawaii’s climate is beach-perfect all year round, which is why we offer fall, winter, spring, and summer trips.

2. Marine Life

Teens watch dolphins swimming in Hawaii on service and adventure summer program.

Humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, stingrays, sea lions, manta rays, colorful reef fish and giant sea turtles inhabit the crystal clear waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. Spotting dolphins on a sunset cruise, snorkeling with giant manta rays and scuba diving in the deep sea are just a few ways to embrace marine life in Hawaii.

As travelers, it is important to not only appreciate incredible wildlife, but to leave a place better than we found it. Many of TFT’s programs integrate Marine Community Service opportunities where we partner with local organizations dedicated to protecting and researching Hawaii’s unique marine life.

On the island of Maui, learn all about the hawksbill sea turtles and participate in a variety of projects dedicated to sea turtle conservation. Some of these projects include:

  • snorkeling and reef surveying to collect ocean data and look for turtles
  • beach cleanups to protect their natural habitats
  • watching over basking turtles on the beach
  • participating in a night watch for nesting turtles and helping the babies make their way safely to the ocean!

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On the island of Kona, we work closely alongside marine biologists to learn and help care for the fragile underwater ecosystem that surrounds the island. Encounter numerous exotic fish, an abundance of healthy coral, dozens of sea turtles and more! Our service projects here are centered around observational snorkeling to survey reefs, collecting ocean data for research, and educating visitors to Hawaii.

3.Aloha Spirit

Hawaii is full of vibrant local people embracing the Aloha Spirit and preserving Hawaii’s unique culture and traditions. With a focus on “traveling authentically,” partner with local organizations for a hula lesson, drum circle and even a traditional Hawaiian cooking class!

For a truly authentic experience, visit a small village tucked away in a private valley where you fully immerse yourself in the traditional Hawaiian lifestyle and help with the community’s sustainability projects including taro farming and fish pond restoration.

4. Endless Adventure Activities

Teens learn how to stand-up paddle board in Hawaii on adventure and service program.

If you crave outdoor adventure, look no farther. Hawaii’s tropical climate is the perfect setting for an adrenaline-pumping zipline adventure over lush jungle canopies. Pack plenty of snacks and water to hike through the forest to discover secret waterfalls, and cool off with a swim in the middle of the jungle. From horseback riding in Waipio Valley to scuba diving at the best reef spots, the Hawaii islands are an adventure-seeker’s dream come true.

5. World-Class Surf

Surfers around the world flock to Hawaii for the opportunity to ride the island’s perfect waves! No trip to Oahu island is complete without a surf lesson on the famous shores of Waikiki beach. Experienced local instructors teach first-time surf students, and use their expertise to help experienced surfers perfect their craft.

6. Hawaiian Cuisine

Hawaiian cuisine reflects the many nationalities who have settled in the island in years past: Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and Polynesian. The result is a melting pot of mouth-watering dishes centered around fresh ingredients. No trip to Hawaii is complete without a traditional luau where you’ll try an array of the island’s favorite savory meat, seafood and vegetarian plates, and sweet and fruity desserts. Here are some of our must-try Hawaiian dishes!

7. Breathtaking Views

It’s impossible to count how many stunning viewpoints exist amongst the Hawaii islands. Some of our favorite memories are capturing Hawaii’s natural beauty at sunrise and sunset.  Below are some of our favorite viewpoints for the opportunity to savor awe-inspiring views, and capture the postcard-perfect moment with friends.

Diamond Head Crater (#diamondheadcrater)

Summit of Mauna Kea (#maunakeasummit)

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (#hawaiivolcanoesnationalpark)

Waimea Canyon (#waimeacanyon)


8. Volcanoes

Hawaii emerged from the water millions of years ago, forged by the power of volcanoes. Over time, volcanoes have formed some of Hawaii’s most breathtaking landscapes. Few people have the opportunity to come face-to-face with an active volcano, an experience found at the top of many traveler’s bucket lists. visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to wander through lava tubes, hike the rim of an active volcano, and watch lava glow as sunset.  Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore a plethora of craters, scalded deserts, and volcanic trails.

9. Vibrant Shopping

A group of friends poses for a photo on the beach during their teen tour of North America.

While most of us are drawn to Hawaii for it’s incredible experiences in nature, no trip is complete without a souvenir or two. Locally crafted jewelry, lei necklaces, koa wood carvings, and of course a classic Hawaiian shirt are great ways to bring your Hawaiian memories back home. Travelers also enjoy picking up some locally produced products such as Kona coffee, coconut oil, and macadamia nuts- they don’t taste the same grown on the mainland!

10. Rich History

Hawaii has an interesting history. The Polynesians first arrived in Hawaii over 1,500 years ago! Historic landmarks across the islands highlight the global influences that have molded Hawaii into the state it is today. Learn more about Hawaii’s history here.

No visit to Oahu would be complete without a journey to the past to pay respects at the USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor Memorials. Accessible only by boat, this memorial is one of several sites in Hawaii commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor and honoring those who lost their lives as well as the few remaining survivors.

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