We’re getting through these last winter months the only way we know how, planning our travel for the year! There are a number of destinations that we’re especially excited for that are in our own back yard. Our top picks are Hawaii, Alaska, the Wyoming National Parks, the Utah National Parks, Maine, and Colorado. Luckily for us and you, we have one if not multiple trips to these destinations!


Say Aloha to Hawaii and trade your favorite quarantine lounge pants for some beach attire! After a year of staying at home, we are dreaming of palm trees and ocean breezes. In the early days of the Pandemic Hawaii reacted quickly and enacted strict quarantine policies, helping them manage their Covid cases and making them a safe and dreamy destination for 2021. Hawaii is always one of our most popular destinations and summer 2021 will be no exception! Learn to surf where the spot originated in Honolulu, volunteer with endangered sea turtles in Maui, and visit the world-famous Hawaii Volcano National Park on the Big Island

Teen enjoys the water in Hawaii on summer teen travel tour.


Alaska in the summer should be on everyone’s bucket list with how beautiful this state’s trails and wildlife are. Fields of purple lupine flowers frame mountain backdrops that look like a screen saver! Volunteer at a wildlife conservation center for bears, moose and other native wild animals! Later you’ll have the chance to hike to the top of a glacier and whitewater raft down a river surrounded by snowcapped mountains. We promise it’s not as cold as you think!

Kayaking in Alaska


We’re ready to get off the couch and go hiking! To make up for lost time we’re heading out west to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton. Yellowstone sits on top of a dormant volcano and is home to more hot springs and geysers than any other place on earth. Where else could we go to see this type of landscape? Get ready to spend your time hiking, whitewater rafting and paddle boarding through some of the freshest water the US has to offer. For all the adventurists out there the Rockies are waiting for you.


Explore the great outdoors in Utah and volunteer at the largest animal rescue center in the Nation while your at it! Find out why the Arches got their name while visiting Arches and Canyonlands National parks. Hike through the signature red rocks that you have probably seen all over your Instagram feed! This destination is great for traveling in 2021 where you’re easily able to socially distance yourself from others.


The West Coast always gets all of the glory for its stunning national parks, but did you know Maine is home to one of the most beautiful national parks in the country? Acadia National Park is worthy of all of the praise it receives. Lush woods tumble down to meet the ocean and exciting hiking trails allow visitors to discover all of the gems this park has to offer! With so many outdoor adventures Acadia National Park is the perfect safe destination for 2021 where travelers can enjoy the fresh ocean air and experience a variety of activities while socially distancing and staying healthy.


Always wanted to take a road trip but didn’t know where to begin? We’ve got it covered! We’ll show you the best of the best in Colorado and take you to Denver, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Durango, Ouray, Buena Vista, Breckenridge, Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder! There’s plenty to do with options ranging from swimming to hiking, and even sandboarding, Colorado is far from boring. Who knew such a dynamic state was in our backyard?

Let’s check some boxes off of your bucket list this summer!