One of the biggest debates of all-time (right up there with wheels versus straps) is whether doing a solo mission on a TFT program or traveling with a friend is best. Let us make the debate a bit easier for you: either way, you are going to meet a variety of other awesome, like-minded travelers, so it really is one of those rare “win-win” life situations.

Traveling Solo

Maybe you know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go this summer and you’re going to do it no matter who goes with you. Way more people choose to join their trips as a solo traveler for this very reason; in fact, around 75% of teens on our programs come by themselves!

It can seem intimidating to step out of your comfort zone and embrace going on your own, but we promise that the rewards are worth it! It fosters loads of independence and confidence, and you are more likely to open yourself up to meeting new people.

And don’t worry too much if you are on the shyer side, every program always starts with plenty of fun games and ice breakers so you can get to know your fellow travelers right off the bat!

Traveling with Friends

There are also a handful of people who would rather travel with a best friend because while traveling solo sounds pretty amazing, it’s really not their vibe just yet. And that’s cool too.

Going with a friend is a great way to share these memories and experiences with someone you already have a close bond and relationship with, but just make sure you are both open to adding to your friendship with the new people you will meet on your travels!

No matter how you decide to travel this summer, the most important thing is simply that you are going! ‘Nuff said!

Travel for You

Just like all experiences in life, each and every travel experience is unique. Every person traveling on your program will also be unique, including yourself.

Traveling with or without someone you know will never take away from this unless you let it, so it is important that you keep an open mind and an open heart (we know, a bit corny but absolutely true – you’ll thank us later).

Not only will you end your summer with new and amazing experiences in a completely different country, but you will come away with lifelong friendships all made possible because you simply decided to go!

Change it up!

So when deciding on how you want to travel this summer, remember that whatever you choose to do, you will come away with new friends and experiences that will shape you into a more worldly individual.

And hey, ya never know, maybe you traveled solo this time and next time you will travel with a new friend who met from your previous travels! Or if you traveled with a friend this time, then next time try traveling without a friend now that you know how easy it is to make new friends anywhere you go!