Whether the holidays are just around the corner or you’re in need of a pre-trip present, look no further than these awesome travel-inspired gifts for your loved ones. These unique gifts will excite the wanderluster in everyone, teens and adults alike!

1. Stay organized in style

These colorful zip bags with their fun and bizarre patterns will help you get and stay organized throughout your travels. For the adventure and service lovers, 100% Ripstop Nylon ensures that these bad boys will survive even the most rugged of trips.

reusable ziplock bags

2. Jet Lag is for Amateurs

Never have to worry about someone else accidentally taking your luggage with these awesome luggage tags. And did someone say Star Wars? And unicorns? Because the tags come in ALL of those shapes! Even if it’s your first time traveling abroad, they will make you look and feel like a pro.

luggage tags

3. Kick back and relax

Days during trips can be jam-packed with all sorts of adventure, so it’s incredibly important to catch some zzzs whenever you get the chance. Whether you’re on a plane, train or bus, this neck pillow and eye mask will help give you the rest that you deserve, ensuring that you are ready to take on whatever the day brings next!

neck pilloweye mask

4. Hydrate on the move

With this innovative technology, there are no more excuses for not bringing your water bottle with you when traveling. Staying hydrated when you’re on the road is key to staying healthy and happy, making these handy dandy collapsable bottles the new essential for your packing list. They come in a variety of colors, are easy to use, and are small enough to fit into your back pocket when collapsed. Hello, hydration!

collapsible bottle

5. Up your Instagram game

Taking photos during your travels is a fun and creative way to share your travels with family and friends back home, but what about seeing what your fellow travelers are up to? With this awesome lens set, you can up your Instagram game on during your awesome new cultural encounters and head home with an amazing collection of memories.

3 photo lens set for phones

6. Suggestions Welcome

This awesome card game provides 75 different ways to learn about new places by providing quirky food for thought, different ways of discovering the unexpected, and unusual icebreakers to try out with both friends and locals (like the kids at the local school where you’re volunteering). A fun way to get to know your fellow travelers and explore new places during your travels!

anywhere travel guide

7. Drip Drip Drop

These teeny tiny wet bags are absolutely necessary for anyone on the road! They are SO TINY, yet can do so much! From keeping your wet swimsuit from beach day separate from your other clothes to stashing snacks or storing your toiletries, these little bags pack a punch for their keychain size.

wet bags

8. Personal care with local flair

This handy dandy tin case not only comes with a sleek state design on the front of every little black box (there are 18 states to choose from), but also contains a variety of 14 essentials for mishaps on the go. Contents range from a sewing kit and buttons to lip balm and nail clippers. Get one with your state on the front as a little reminder of home while you’re on the road.

emergency kit

9. Fuel for Wanderlust

Go to a restaurant in Paris that you loved but can’t remember the name of? Go cage diving with sharks in a South African bay that you just can’t pronounce? What was the name of that amazing monkey that we saw in Costa Rica? Never let those names slip from your mind again with this beautifully designed travel journal made specifically for recording the highlights of your adventures. Plus who doesn’t love metallic gold accents?

travel journal

10. Oh, the places you’ll go

Once you’re back home from your summer travels, what better way to keep track of everywhere you’ve been than with a world map scratch poster! It makes for an awesome decoration to add to your room and will keep you motivated to keep discovering more of the world as you continue to uncover new colors on your scratch map.

scratch world map

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