Programs made especially for middle school-aged teens have been gaining popularity in recent years as the benefits of traveling at a younger age have continued to prove their value in many ways.

First and foremost, joining a younger teen program means that teens finishing 7th and 8th grades will travel without their family, giving them an entirely different experience to how they have traveled up until now (if they have traveled at all!). The biggest benefits that teens return with when they travel with a program are

  • increased sense of independence
  • more confidence
  • better communication skills
  • the ability to make decisions on their own

While the change from elementary to middle school presents plenty of change, the shift from middle school to high school can provide many new challenges for young teens, so gaining confidence and independence as well as communication and decision-making skills through student travel is very important as teens mature and develop these skills for high school and beyond.

The right level of supervision is also a very important element to consider when it comes to the added benefits of younger teen programs. Teens are presented with new people in new environments and learn to navigate these aspects of their travels through the gentle guidance of their counselors. By learning how to do new things with the support of others, like ride a local train or order ice cream in a foreign language, teens feel accomplished through these small successes that will help them learn how to build towards bigger successes as they get older and continue to meet new people and go to new places.

The list of benefits goes on and on! So what are you waiting for? Your younger teen adventure awaits!