Summer travel is about unforgettable adventures and new experiences. But let’s be real – sometimes homesickness sneaks in. It’s a completely normal feeling, and we’ve got some top-notch strategies to help you conquer it and make the most of your incredible summer journey with Travel For Teens. In this blog, we’ll share some tried-and-true tips to help you overcome homesickness and fully embrace the magic of your summer program.

Connect with New Friends

One of the best ways to ease homesickness is to make new friends and build strong connections with the people around you. You’re not alone in feeling a little homesick, and your fellow travelers are probably experiencing similar emotions! So, don’t be shy – strike up conversations, join in on group activities, and find common interests with your fellow travelers. In no time you’ll be sharing inside jokes and creating memories that make homesickness a distant memory.


Embrace Your Surroundings

Shift your focus from what you’re missing at home and take in the world around you! Take advantage of the unique opportunities and immerse yourself in the local culture. Whether you’re exploring historic sites, seeing views you’ve only dreamed about, trying new delicious foods, or participating in exciting activities, fully engaging with your surroundings can help you create new, positive memories that will overshadow homesickness.


Teenage travelers go on glacier hike during summer youth travel program in Scandinavia

Stay in Touch with Home

Homesickness can be tricky, but technology is your ally. Stay connected with loved ones through video calls, texts, and social media. Share your exciting adventures with them and keep up with what’s happening back home. Just remember not to get glued to your screen; the real adventure is happening right in front of you!


Student Program Paris

Seek Support from Trip Leaders

Remember that your Travel for Teens trip leaders are experienced and here to help. If you’re feeling particularly homesick, don’t hesitate to open up to them. They’ve encountered homesickness before and have plenty of advice and strategies to share. They can offer guidance, and comfort, and help you focus on making the most of your adventure.


Snorkeling New Zealand


Homesickness might try to tag along on your summer adventure, but with these tips, you’ll show it the door. Remember, homesickness is a temporary feeling, and the friendships, experiences, and memories you’re making will last a lifetime! So, dive into the opportunities, make new friends, and savor every moment of your summer with Travel for Teens. Your adventure awaits! 


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Maggie Valz

Maggie is from Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Education. She spent many years working as a camp counselor and enjoys tennis, reading, and being outdoors. Along with teaching abroad in Australia, South Korea, and Spain, she has backpacked extensively throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. One of her favorite things to do while traveling is to try the local food, and she is always excited about her next adventure with TFT!

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