Anyone who grew up going to summer camp or anyone who has sent their children to summer camp can attest to the fact that the experiences and bonds formed over one short summer will impact the rest of a person’s life. Summer Camps help kids develop confidence, resiliency, independence; preparing them for high school and beyond.

While some camps offer programs for students in high school, many are typically for younger students. If your children have outgrown summer camp and you are looking for the next step, here are five reasons why teen travel summer programs are the perfect option for you.

1. Teen Travel Programs Introduce Students to a Diverse Group of People

Summer camps are fabulous because campers get to see their same friends year after year. This is perfect to help students develop social skills and provides a friend group outside of their social circle at home. Travel programs are the perfect next step after camp for students to put their social skills into practice and meet people who grew up differently from them. Travel For Teens encourages participants to travel solo to further step outside their comfort zone and meet new people.

2. Traveling Broadens Perspectives

The teenage years can be the most impressionable time in most people’s lives. The lessons one learns can help shape their persona and decision-making as a young adult. Having the opportunity to experience new, global perspectives in the teenage years can be transformational.

3. Builds Resiliency and Confidence

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Teen travel programs build confidence and resilience by putting students in unique situations they haven’t been exposed to before. Travel for Teens provides the ideal environment for students to be themselves without the social ramifications that come with seeing the same peers year after year. Smaller group travel programs create a special dynamic where the depth of relationships far surpasses the short time spent together.

4. Teen Travel Programs Allow Practice in Responsibility and Independence

Summer camps are perfect for students to have their first experience away from home and build the confidence needed to head off to whatever comes next. Teen travel programs are the perfect natural progression for students to build on the responsibility and confidence they obtained during their camp summers.’

5. Promotes Global Citizenship

As the world becomes increasingly connected, colleges and companies are placing significant weight on a candidate’s ability to understand and connect with the global community. Traveling at a young age will transform students into well-rounded global citizens ready to succeed in all aspects of life.

Ready to consider a teen travel program? Learn more about why you should travel with TFT or view all of our amazing teen travel summer programs.