Overseas medical volunteer programs for high school students are trips that give teens a well-rounded view of the complex world of global public health. These programs focus on healthcare service projects and education. Teens assist communities with preventative care, teach children about healthy habits, shadow local medical students and learn about holistic medicine. Medical volunteer programs can play a significant role in a high school student’s preparation for pre-med. Plus, they gain valuable volunteer experience abroad! An overseas program focused on medical outreach can put you on the right path toward a career in medicine or public health.

Understand the role of holistic medicine in global public health

Healthcare in the United States and other Western countries is very different from the holistic healing methods that are often practiced around the world. In countries like Bali, holistic health includes a person’s emotions, spirit, and lifestyle, as well as the body. Many of Bali’s cultural principles focus on the harmony between these elements. Cultural awareness is an important part of the public health profession! Teens meet with holistic healers and learn about herbal medicine. They see first-hand how public health in low- to middle-income countries is both innovative and inspiring.

Create a positive impact in the lives of children

Whether you choose to travel to Bali or Costa Rica, Travel For Teens medical volunteer programs for high school students offer the opportunity to work with youth. This is a fun opportunity to develop creative lesson plans that teach young people the importance of hygiene, nutrition, and exercise. This is one of the most fulfilling and meaningful parts of the trip!

Local children in classroom in Bali, Indonesia

Discuss current public health issues with medical students

An amazing way to get a glimpse into a medical career is to meet with local medical students! This gives high school students a unique opportunity to discuss the challenges that medical professionals face in global public health professions. Teens also learn how to conduct a variety of medical work when they shadow medical students at the primary care clinic. High school students build valuable skills like time management, communication, and teamwork. They’ll assist professionals to check patients’ blood pressure, record data, track supplies, and educate local families about preventative care.

By living among the Balinese and being a member of their community, I was able to understand and better help the people. The service project I was lucky enough to be a part of confirmed and heightened my passion to study medicine and public health. My small part in helping this community showed me even small contributions can make an impact. — Matthew Sigel, Bali Healthcare Education and Medical Outreach Program

Learn more about medical volunteer programs for high school students

At Travel For Teens, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of international travel experiences, including medical volunteer programs for high school students. These programs are designed to instill a love for travel, learning, and curiosity about different cultures around the world. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming travel opportunities or find a program that’s right for you.

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