Teenage travel photographer on Murano island in Venice on summer photography program

Among the essential items in most travelers’ suitcases, you’ll find a digital camera. Whether it’s a little pocket camera or a huge dSLR with 4 different lenses, nobody takes a trip without a camera these days.

The Travel for Teens Italy Photography trip combines two things that we at TFT love: Travel and Photography. For me personally (Nic Emery writing here, Italy Trip Director), the two have always been inseparable. On my first trip abroad when I was only six years old, I remember holding my father’s big Canon film camera and looking through the viewfinder at the English countryside. I distinctly remember the satisfaction that the noise and tangible *click* of the shutter gave me. I was hooked.

Now, when I travel, my camera is perpetually slung around my neck and at the ready. Being in the mindset of taking photos makes me much more aware of the details of my surroundings. I actively search for unique details that are specific to a given place. In Venice, I might see a wall that is a patchwork of crumbling plaster and ancient red bricks, or in Florence it may be the warmly lit fruttivendolo (fruit and vegetable shop) in early evening that attracts my lens.

A Florentine fruttivendolo

Taking the photograph forces me to stop and carefully look at my subject. I have to consider the light, the angle, and what I want to include in the frame.

Gondolas in Venice at sunset photographed by teens on summer travel photography tour

Venetian Gondolas at Twilight

Being a good travel photographer is directly connected to being a good traveler. And this is what travel photography is all about – taking a moment to think about the unique identity of a place, and how you can use your creativity to express that identity through your lens. On our Italy Photography trip we’ll visit Tuscany, Venice, and the Cinque Terre, three of the most beautiful places in all of Italy.

Teenage travelers eat watermelon on Venice island of Murano during summer travel photography program

Exploring the winding alleyways of Burano

We’ll take inspiration from our sublime surroundings and learn how to use our cameras to capture the identity of these incredible regions.

For more information about this unique photography trip to Tuscany and Venice, visit us at www.travelforteens.com or give us a call any time at 888-457-4534.

To see more of Italy Trip Director Nic Emery’s travel photography, visit his Flickr account here.