Here at Travel For Teens, we passionately believe in the real-world benefits of travel. Whether you travel with your family, your school, on your own or with TFT, the experience will undoubtedly change you and your way of interacting with the world. Yes, traveling will make you move outside your comfort zone – but you will grow and mature in surprising ways, and the path of your life will very likely change when you return home.

Brian’s mother, MaryAnne, had this to say about her choice to send Brian abroad with Travel for Teens (emphasis added): We recently caught up with Brian Cullen, who came on our London & Scotland and Ireland trips in 2008. When it came time to apply to college this year, Brian wrote about his experiences with Travel for Teens in his college essays (maybe because he read this!) He was not only accepted to his top choice, Temple University, but he was offered a full scholarship at the Fox Business School! Wow.

“I was very impressed with the excellent organization and communication from the TFT staff. I felt Brian was in good hands and did not worry about his safety. I feel the TFT trips helped him mature and definitely made an excellent impression at his college interview at Temple University. I am extremely grateful for the full tuition scholarship, which is worth $16,000/year. I consider this a great return on my investment in the trips with TFT.”

We took the opportunity to ask Brian a few questions about TFT and his college admissions process:

Brian: My TFT experience dramatically changed my view of the world because up to the time of my trips, I had not been outside of Pennsylvania. Because of TFT, I decided I wanted to have a career that combined travel with work and that is why I want to be a diplomat and study international business in college.TFT: How did your TFT experience change your way of seeing the world?

TFT: Did your experiences with TFT help in any way with your college applications?

Brian: I used my experiences with TFT as part of my essays for college applications. Also, I believe the officials at the Fox Business Honors program at Temple University were very impressed when I was able to tell them all the countries I have visited through TFT. This may have contributed to my being offered full tuition to the Fox Business School!

TFT: What would you say to other high schoolers who are considering traveling in the summer?

Brian: I would definitely encourage any high schooler to take advantage of the opportunity to see and experience another country and culture. It opens up your world to a whole new way of thinking. I can guarantee it that you will never regret going on a TFT trip and will remember it as one of the turning points of your life!

Thanks for your time Brian, and congratulations!

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