Happy December, blog followers! Today I was fishing a winter sweater out of my closet when I came across the notebook I used while I was traveling this summer with Travel for Teens and after with friends. As I started to flip through the pages full of memories, Greek words (check out our Greece trips!), sketches of characters I met throughout my journey, the name of that delicious French pastry that I can never pronounce (check out France Explorer, France Language, or Paris Travel Photography), and that great spot for haggis in Edinburgh (it’s actually delicious! Check out our Scotland & Ireland trip), I realized that one item that I absolutely love to have while traveling is a notebook!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But TFT Blogger, why bring a notebook when I have my smartphone to write notes in?” Well, question-asker, I would respond that not only do phones die (a notebook will never run out of battery), but constantly sifting through your phone can pull you out of the fantastic place that you are! Keeping a notebook while you travel is creating an object to sift through that is an easy way to record and remember the tiny details of your trip that are so easily forgotten!

All Travel for Teens counselors are issued a small notebook to carry with them for jotting down reservation numbers, taking food orders, remembering random other travel details (something that is very important for all travelers to have); but a travel journal can go so far beyond that! Keeping notebooks throughout your travels is a tradition that goes back to when the European aristocrats would embark upon a Grand Tour across Europe in the 1800s (if you remember that from history class)! These lords and ladies would travel from place to place recording their impressions of sights and writing down what they learned.

To pick your perfect travel notebook:

1. Pick a book that you connect with, something with a design or shape you like.

2. Pick a book that is SMALL, portable, and compact. Preferably something that will fit in your pocket or purse (easily accessible).

3. Don’t forget to bring a pen or pencil to go with it!

Remember that this book is going to accompany you across deserts, over oceans, and through ancient landmarks! Even for those who don’t consider themselves artistically inclined, this book will be the record of your innermost thoughts about a place, somewhere to remember your favorite meals and foods, and somewhere to play MASH with your friends when you’re waiting for a plane at the airport! So if you’re packing for one (or more!) of our Travel for Teens adventures be sure to find a notebook!

Also, if you’re following the Road Warriors across the country hoping they’ll stop in your neighborhood, we’ll be around NYC this week, and Massachusetts next! So be sure to ask your school if Travel for Teens will be there (and if they’re not, tell them to request us)!