1. Safety

A teen tour can only run smoothly when the number one priority is always safety. Everywhere we go has been researched, evaluated, and re-evaluated each year. At TFT, we take pride in our careful planning and precautionary measures to make sure that the itinerary is safe for our participants at all times.

2. Trusted name

For over 10 years, Travel for Teens has been a trusted name in the teen tour and travel industry. Our experience in the trips we run and the places we travel to give us an edge and expertise that is unique to TFT. We have perfected our itineraries based on feedback and years of practice. Travel for Teens is proud to be adored by many parents and students across the world. Want to know why? Check out some of our reviews here.

3. Something for everyone

At TFT, we understand that every student is different, which is why we aim to appeal to everyone. With destinations in 5 continents and over 25 countries, the choices are endless. Whether it’s adventure, cultural exploration, language, photography, or community service you’re looking for, (perhaps even a combination!) we have a trip for you.

4. Education

Education is a vitally important part of travel and something we have made the main priority in our programs. Whether you choose to focus on a particular area of expertise (like those mentioned above) or not, you can expect to gain endless knowledge of the world on any TFT trip. We believe that an educational trip is the most beneficial to our students, especially since travel education can include culinary history (and sampling!) and visits to some of the most spectacular monuments you’ve ever seen.

5. Flexibility

Just as there is a trip for everyone, there is always a choice of activity for different kind of participants. Our itineraries include parts during almost every day for the students to choose whether they would like to go to a museum or go hiking, for example. If it’s been a busy day, a choice to go shopping or relax at the hotel or internet cafe may be given. Although we cannot do 25 different things at once, we can often give the group 2 or 3 options to ensure that everyone has an input in the activities for that day.

6. Balance

With flexibility and diversity must also come a healthy balance. Every TFT itinerary is designed to be educational, yet fun at the same time. We make sure to include enough touring and historical background of each place so that’s it’s informational, but not boring. Once you learn all about it, you are free to explore it and enjoy it to the fullest. That way when your parents ask you where the city of Rome was started, you can firmly answer the Palatine hill, and show them the beautiful pictures you took atop there as well 🙂

7. Friendship

Making new friends is one of the most rewarding parts of travel because you have the opportunity to meet many new people from different places and backgrounds who you will probably be friends with for the rest of your life. With the help of our staff, we always aim to make the trip more enjoyable for all group members by encouraging a dynamic free of cliques and anything of the like.

8. Staff

TFT participants could not be luckier to be graced with the presence of our wonderful staff. Our counselors have one of the most important jobs: ensuring the safety of our teens, acting as their role model, educating them (thankful for all of our educators!), and of course- making the trip fun! Of the thousands who apply to be part of the greatest staff ever, only the really special candidates have been chosen to represent TFT and lead these trips with the utmost quality and dedication.

9. Growth

Any good thing must start out small before it can grow. Our secret to success has been a growing process since 2003 when President Pat Maloney founded the company. Together with VP Ned Clark and Director of Operations Nicolas Emery, these three continue to work day after day to make TFT what has become today. We listen to everyone’s feedback, parent and student alike, and are always hoping to improve or adjust based on your suggestions.

10. Memories

Last, but certainly not least, is the unforgettable experience that a trip with TFT is bound to provide you. With our attention to safety, emphasis on education, appeal to all teens, expert staff, fun and flexibility itineraries, and overall love for travel – we have all the elements needed for the trip of a lifetime. The friendships, the pictures, the knowledge, and the memories you take away from a TFT summer will stay with you forever.