Can I sign up for more than one program?

The answer is yes! Many participants choose to combine programs because:

  • It makes financial sense to stay a little longer since the airfare is already paid.
  • The cost to travel from one program to the next is usually very inexpensive.
  • Once participants are in the groove of investigating other cultures, it makes sense for them to maintain that momentum.
  • It provides an opportunity for participants to compare more than one foreign culture back-to-back.

Our program dates are designed to run fluidly. This permits each participant to build his or her own trip of a lifetime according to preferences and budget. Refer to the list of programs available in the table of contents to help you create the combo trip that works best for you. Programs can be combined, even if the dates don’t match up perfectly, as long as there is not an overlap.

How does travel between programs work?

Getting between programs is easy! Our Logistics Team will help coordinate getting your teen safely from the end of one program to the start of the next. We are usually able to have a staff member chaperone them between programs. Please contact us for more details.

Teenage travelers in Barcelona Park Guell during summer Spanish language immersion program

My plans changed. Can I switch programs?

Yes! Sometimes dates change, sometimes a friend wants to join, sometimes you just decide you’d rather go somewhere else! In any of these scenarios, switching a program is possible, but please read on for important details.

  • You can switch programs with no additional fee until April 1st, 2024. After that date, voluntary trip switches will incur a $200 trip change fee. For involuntary trip changes, such as program postponement, the fee will be waived.


  • You can switch programs and move 100% of your tuition payments to the new program until 60 days before departure. From 60 to 21 days prior to departure, only 25% of the tuition can be moved to another program for a voluntary trip switch. Inside of 21 days, the amount of tuition that can be moved or received as a future credit will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


  • If you want to switch to a program that is currently full, you can notify the office via and we will put you on the waitlist for that program and notify you should a space open.


To request a trip switch, please email us at with your teen’s name and the program that you would like them to be switched to. 



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