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Our travel photography programs in Italy, France, and Iceland are designed to allow students to enhance their skills while gaining a deeper perspective of each culture. Our creative itineraries and lesson plans perfectly weave fun cultural activities into our day-to-day adventures, including photo scavenger hunts and other mini-challenges designed to encourage teens to think outside the box.

These programs are open to all skill levels, so whether you are an aspiring photographer or you are simply curious about exploring a new hobby, you’ll return home with new knowledge, confidence, and plenty of new friends!

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Travel Photography Programs with TFT

Creative Itineraries

A typical day involves a photography lesson in the morning, with a fun afternoon activity designed to utilize the skills we learned earlier. Imagine a portrait lesson at the Louvre, and then having fun capturing portraits of your new friends at Monet’s Gardens! Each day is unique.

The Perfect Balance

Our concept of combining structured lessons with time to explore and practice the language with real-world encounters provide the strongest form of immersion and retention.

Create a Travel Portfolio

At the end of the program you will return home with a beautiful portfolio filled with the incredible travel shots you captured on your journey. Your instructor will help you select your best images and teach you some editing tricks so your portfolio can be as strong as possible.

Photo Reviews

Each day your instructor will conduct a photo review where everyone is able to show off their best images from the day, and give and receive constructive feedback. These reviews are an important part of the learning process and crucial to improving your skill set.

New Perspectives

Traveling provides the incredible opportunity to see things from a new perspective. Our programs highlight this and we live by the motto: it’s not strange, it’s just different! At the end of your time abroad you may discover you love some of the customs from different cultures such as leisurely strolls after dinner and fresh croissants for breakfast.

Staff Who Become Best Friends

All of our staff are chosen not just because they are experts in the countries we visit, but because they are also fun and relatable! It’s important you enjoy hanging out with your counselors, and we look forward to hanging out with you too!

01 / 04 Photograph some of the most beautiful destinations in the world

02 / 04 Photograph iconic cities

03 / 04 Make new friends while exploring new cities

Happy laughing teenage travelers visit Eiffel Tower on summer student program in France

04 / 04 Explore each new city like a local

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