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Our Older Teen programs are carefully crafted with students finishing 11th and 12th grade in mind. Older teens flourish with itineraries that offer more independence to encourage growth and even more confidence with traveling.

So whether it’s hitting up a larger variety of cities and countries, learning to use the Eurail train pass in Europe, or just having a bit more freedom, these programs are designed to guide older teens to becoming more independent and savvy travelers. Are you ready to find yourself with TFT this summer?

Older Teen Programs with TFT

Choice & Flexibility

Travel is all about embracing the unexpected, which is why we are always flexible if there is a local festival, art exhibit or other fun events the group is interested in seeing. Afterall, unplanned moments are often the most memorable! We give teens an active voice in what they would like to do and see and we cater to each individual’s interests.

Ditch The Tour Bus

Tour busses are for tourists, and on our programs, you are anything but! We explore cities the same way the locals do. When you drive around a city on a bus you miss the little things that make each place so special, like that hidden alleyway in Rome or the charming cafe on the corner street in Paris. Missing the little pieces that make each city unique isn’t the full experience and we don’t want you to miss a thing!

A Focus On Food

Food is an important part of traveling and discovering new cultures, so we make sure you get to fully experience every bite! We are against chain restaurants and only eat at authentic local spots. On our programs you can expect to order off the menu and sample the flavors of each destination. Are you getting hungry yet?

Beyond Sight Seeing

On every program, we have activities centered around experiential learning to bring the culture to life. Whether it be learning the ancient art of falconry in Ireland, visiting a hill tribe in Thailand or an authentic cheese tasting in the Swiss Alps, we always find ways to incorporate fun and unique activities into our itineraries that aren’t part of the typical sightseeing tourist agenda.

Savvy Travelers

We don’t want to just take you along our itinerary and show you each place; we want to teach you how to be a real traveler! We are with you every step of the way to give you tips and advice so that you can be a more well-rounded and independent traveler in the future.

Staff Who Become Best Friends

All of our staff are chosen not just because they are experts in the countries we visit, but because they are also fun and relatable! It’s important you enjoy hanging out with your counselors, and we look forward to hanging out with you too!

01 / 05 Make a wish and toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

02 / 05 Jump into adventure in Costa Rica.

03 / 05 Swim in the Mediterranean.

04 / 05 Hike glaciers in Iceland.

05 / 05 Explore new countries with new friends.

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