For more details on our flight buying process and an explanation of our terminology please visit our general Flights informational page at this link.
PLEASE NOTE: Please only complete this survey after you know what your group flight details will be. If you have not received the group flight details yet, please contact our office by emailing and we can provide your trip’s details. You always have the option to book your airfare on your own, through TFT, or by using a third party agent.
TFT charges a booking fee of $200 as it takes extra time for us to research and book flights on a case-by-case basis. It also gives us access to the agency booking so that we can deal with the airline on your behalf. We will assist with any flight changes that come from the airline or help you to make any voluntary changes in the reservation. You will only be charged the booking fee if you decide to proceed with the purchase after the quote is provided. 
For Summer 2024 enrollments, the deadline for booking flights through TFT will be May 1st, 2024, after which you will need to book flights on your own or through an agent. We are happy to connect you with a recommended agent if you don’t have one you prefer.