Safety is our number one concern at all times. We do everything in our power to render every trip as safe as it can possibly be. We analyze every aspect of every trip in detail before setting out with a group, going over contingency plans and emergency numbers for each country. We visit each and every hotel, sight, and activity that we do in person before going there with a group. We carry first aid kits and are aware of the emergency numbers and procedures in each country that we visit.

Our team is made up of experienced, mature adults who are trained to think proactively about safety in every type of situation. All counselors are re-certified annually in First Aid and CPR. In addition, we run background checks and put candidates through an extensive interview process before they are considered for employment with us. All of our staff participates in an annual staff training workshop, and our Trip Leaders undergo further training.

Please bear in mind that the act of traveling itself will always include inherent risks. We may travel on airplanes, trains, buses, boats, and bicycles – and accidents can happen. If someone is injured, we will assess the situation, contact the parents of the participant, and seek appropriate medical attention. We have access to English-speaking doctors most of the time, and when we do not, our bilingual counselors function as translators.