This position is a seasonal volunteer role that entails chaperoning a group of teenagers through the relevant airports and flights until they reach their destination and are handed off to TFT staff overseas. Flight Chaperones do not receive direct compensation, aside from the cost of international round-trip airfare for the trip.

What does a Flight Chaperone do? 

Flight Chaperones are often one of the first people our families meet from TFT, so setting a good first impression is paramount. The chaperone works with our Airport Coordinator to help calm the anxieties & fears of the teens and their parents while getting them excited for the journey ahead!

You will provide assistance with checking in, engage with the teens to break the ice, and may be required to escort Unaccompanied Minors through the airport if necessary. It is important that flight chaperones remain professionally positive and adaptable to ever-changing conditions regarding flight delays, cancellations, re-routings, and ticket changes. Above all else, this role’s responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of the TFT travelers you are escorting.

The flight chaperone works directly with the Airport Coordinator, TFT office staff, Trip Directors at destination, and airline employees to ensure a smooth travel experience for the teens.

What does a typical Travel Day look like: 

You will arrive at the airport prior to the first TFT traveler(s) flight landing or drop off window. You will position yourself in the appropriate place for meeting and assisting the travelers, typically the check-in area of the group flight airline for departures where you will meet your Airport Coordinator.

You will communicate with the travelers through WhatsApp, text message or phone call to guide them through the airport processes, or help them to locate you in the check-in area or change terminals from a connecting flight. After assisting everyone in the group with checking in and dropping their baggage, you will guide the group through security to their gate and supervise them until boarding. You may be asked to serve as an escort for Unaccompanied Minors, wherein there are extra check-in procedures before you would accompany them through security to their gate. Once on the plane, remain available for any travelers that need assistance.

On arrival at the destination, you will gather the group once off the plane, guide them through passport control, baggage claim and customs clearance before handing them over to TFT trip staff who will be waiting for you. You will be able to communicate with the staff through WhatsApp for support throughout the process.

If you are chaperoning a return flight a few weeks later, you will contact the Trip Director(s) prior to the departure date to confirm the meeting place and time (hotel or airport). You would meet the group at the airport, assist with the check-in process, guide them through security to their gate and board the plane with them. Once back in the US, guide them through US passport control, baggage and customs clearance, after which they will get picked up by family members or re-check in for their connecting flight(s). Once all of your travelers are accounted for, you are finished!


  • Valid passport (w. minimum 6 months validity)
  • Clean background check
  • Smartphone that will work internationally
  • Access to spreadsheets through phone/tablet/laptop (Google/Excel), and WhatsApp
  • Provide your own transportation to/from the TFT hub airport (JFK, LAX, MIA)
  • Experience working with teenagers
  • Travel experience preferred (bonus for prior experience with UMs)
  • Confident talking to parents and teens about airport processes (check-in, security, boarding, re-booking, changing terminals, US customs, baggage handling, airport layout etc.)
  • Exceptional people skills and a friendly disposition
  • Calm and resourceful under pressure, especially when dealing with airline agents

Dates:  TBD based on operational needs

Important Note: 

While round-trip international airfare from our hub airport to and from the trip destination is provided, flight chaperones must pay for their own transportation to/from the domestic hub airport, as well as any accommodation, meals, transportation, visas, immunizations and other travel expenses incurred as part of their personal travel plans.

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