What is a typical day’s schedule like?

We travel in large groups which then break apart into smaller groups with a counselor to accommodate different choices of activities. We tend to keep a late schedule, departing mid morning and often returning to the hotel around midnight. We do not herd our participants around, over schedule them or, conversely, permit sitting around doing nothing. There is, however, down time and time for reflection, plus time for laundry and stocking up on personal necessities.

We do have itineraries but our structure permits plenty of opportunity for spontaneous, off-the-beaten-path fun. Days are divided into units with choices of activities for each unit. Our model provides structure without rigidity. Teens have told us time and again they do not like being forced to conform to inflexible schedules. Participants do not have to be athletic but there are sports opportunities for those who like them on every trip. Our Ireland and Italy Community Service trips do require more physical fitness, and all of our trips involve walking up to 5 miles a day.

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