Congratulations to Amanda Torres, our April Traveler of the Month! Amanda has traveled with TFT for the past two years on the Southern Africa Safari Photography trip and Australia & New Zealand, and this summer she will join us on Discover Europe and in the Dominican Republic!

Here is Amanda in her own words describing her TFT experience in South Africa and Down Under:

Amanda in Australia
“My first trip with Travel for teens was life changing. I didn’t know what to expect but I met some pretty awesome people on this trip and went to amazing places that I never thought I would go in a million years. My first trip with TFT was South Afica Safari Photography and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I thought I would never have such an awesome experience again. Then the next summer I did the Australia and New Zealand trip and it was amazing in a whole new way. In the South Africa trip someone said that she had a big problem cause she didn’t know how to explain to her parents all that had happened in the trip and how awesome the experience was, and believe me this is a problem that I had – I did not know how to explain to my parents and to this day they don’t an idea of how awesome it was and how life changing it was for me.
Travel for Teens knows what they’re doing. When they say that they are going to give you a totally new experience they are going to do it. TFT is the best way to travel, learn, and experience the wonder of our world in a safe and fun environment.”
Amanda – we can’t wait to travel with you again this summer!
Amanda (left) in Sydney, Australia