Hey Travelers,

It’s Monday morning and TFT Staff are at it again – planning for the summer of 2010. Right now we are frantically working on getting our new material ready for the all-new 2010 brochure (which will be out in early November) and the new top-secret website which will launch this year. An incredible amount of work is going into both projects – descriptions of our new trips, choosing the best photos to represent what we do, layout of the brochure and website. Lots to do, and lots to be excited about.

Also – for those of you who aren’t fans of our Facebook Page yet, fan us up! We’ve finally reached the somewhat magical number of 747 fans, but why not reach the even more magical number of 800?? 1,000 is not far off… On our FB page you can find the most up-to-date info on new trips, special offers, our photo contest, and of course Nic and Ned’s ongoing photo competition, which is shaping up to be quite the duel.

Coming Soon …

Get to know the TFT staff better with our staff interviews that will be published right here in the coming weeks. 

Take care everybody!

– The TFT Traveler