Risk Management

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the safety of each of our destinations and activities. We subscribe to security alerts, and TFT always reserves the right to modify or cancel an itinerary if we feel that conditions are unsafe.

All of our accommodations and activities have been personally vetted by TFT staff as part of the intensive, on-the-ground research that is behind every program.

Safety Policies
We have five rules designed for the safety of the group, and will always defer to your school’s own policies.

No drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs
No sexual activity
No leaving the group without permission
No bringing strangers into the group
No Negative Energy, which includes our zero-tolerance stance towards bullying or compromising the group experience

Following these five rules is vital to participants’ safety. In order to ensure the rules are respected and the group is safe, TFT will send home participants who break any one of the rules. This is a one-strike policy and is very effective in deterring poor decisions.

A teen learns how to surf during summer travel program in North America.

Safety-Minded Staff
All of our staff go through a rigorous hiring process and extensive training, and they are required to be CPR and First Aid certified. Each staff member also goes through the same background check as a school teacher. We only hire responsible, multi-talented individuals who are safety-minded and as passionate about teen travel as we are.

All staff carry a variety of over the counter drugs to treat common sickness. In addition, each staff member is given a set of “camper cards” detailing the pertinent medical conditions (allergies, medications, etc.) of each participant. The Trip Director also carries a first aid kit at all times.


Staff Training

Our staff participates in a multi-day mandatory staff training program which covers policies and procedures along with how to handle any sort of problem or emergency that could pop up. We also cover role-playing exercises to go over safety protocols and make sure our staff feels confident and well equipped to handle anything that may come their way, no matter how big or small.

Teenage travelers relax in Barcelona on summer youth travel program

Empowering Our Participants
Being prepared is key when staying safe while traveling! In the first meeting at the start of every program, students are given an introduction to the destination along with an overview of rules and ways to stay safe while on the trip.

We also give all participants a card with the phone numbers of the counselors, and the names and addresses of all the accommodations in the unlikely event they find themselves separated from the group. We also establish certain landmarks to help with orientation and teach basic foreign language skills.


24/7 Summer Communication

From Your Trip Director

Our directors will be in touch roughly every 24-48 hours with families throughout the program with detailed email updates sharing how the journey is going, along with hundreds of photos so everyone back home can follow along on the journey and rest assured your class is in safe hands.

From Our Office

We have teams working throughout the summer and available for you to contact 24/7. All families have access to a special emergency line they can use in the event they need to contact their child immediately.

Younger teens climb a tree on their student tour of Costa Rica.