Change with TFT

Our service programs create lasting change, encourage cultural awareness, and empower our teens to make a difference in their travels! Students leave our educational programs understanding what it means to be a global citizen, and feel inspired to take on future projects and challenges. You won’t only see a change in the communities you help, but you will also see a change in your students as well!

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Community Service With TFT

Innovative Service Projects

Service trips should be meaningful, have an impact on the community, and go beyond what you have ever imagined possible, so we offer numerous unique service programs! Help at a famous national park in the Cinque Terre in Italy, build playgrounds in South Africa, or nurse endangered animals back to health in Costa Rica.

Teamwork is Key

Our Community Service programs emphasize working together to reach a common goal. Learning to work together to take on challenges is a valuable life skill students on our programs develop. At the end of your program, your students will have accomplished goals, solved problems, and worked together on important projects.

Individual Growth

Our hands-on projects not only benefit the communities in which we volunteer, but they also help your students achieve personal growth and development. Teens feel empowered and ready to take on the world after seeing the positive impact they can have.

Celebrate Cultures

Traveling should be about more than just seeing. It’s about experiencing! Which is why on every program we focus on cultural immersion. We want your students to gain a better understanding and appreciation of each culture and take something deeper away from their experiences.

New Perspectives

Traveling provides an incredible opportunity to see things from a new perspective. Our programs highlight this and we live by the motto: it’s not strange, it’s just different!

Staff Who Become Best Friends

All of our staff are chosen not just because they are experts in the countries we visit, but because they are also fun and relatable! It’s important you enjoy hanging out with your TFT staff, and we look forward to hanging out with you too!

High school students complete service on the Cinque Terre on their summer teen tour to Italy.

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Local girl plays with teens on summer service and language program in Costa Rica.

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Teens play with local children on their summer service program in Peru.

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Youth travelers helping communities during teen volunteer program in Fiji

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Teenage traveler helping local communities on service trip

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Teens play with local children on South Africa service and adventure travel program.

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