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We’ve hand-selected the best of our best to make finding an educational trip that will appeal to your students a breeze. Choosing a popular itinerary as your base itinerary for your trip helps ensure you reach your enrollment goals to secure a private trip.

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Seasoned Itineraries

20+ years of experience means that we have nailed down the perfect formula to create itineraries that teachers and students will love! Our popular programs are chosen time and time again by our travelers, and with good reason!

More Than Just A Trip

Our itineraries are full of teacher-approved activities. Learning is fun when you are immersed in a new culture and we go above and beyond to prove it. We can customize any program to fit your individual needs and help you excite, inspire, and educate your students utilizing the world as your classroom!

New Perspectives

Our trips provide an incredible opportunity to see things in new ways and look at things differently. We live by the motto: it’s not strange, it’s just different! Our staff are trained to help encourage your students to look at things from a new perspective on all of our programs.

Celebrate Cultures

Traveling should be about more than just seeing. It’s about experiencing! Which is why on every program we focus on cultural immersion. We want your students to gain a better understanding and appreciation of each culture and take something deeper away from their experiences.

Teen travelers underneath Eiffel Tower during summer youth travel program in Paris

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Teenage travelers eat watermelon on Venice island of Murano during summer travel photography program

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High school students smile on the private boat cruise along Amalfi Coast in Italy.

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High school students capture the beauty of Capri on their summer teen tour to Italy.

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Teen takes in the scenic views of Positano on their summer program to Italy.

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