Trip Overview

What better way to illustrate the origins of Western Civilization than by bringing students to the place where it all began? On this comprehensive tour of Greece, we focus on the most important sites in Classical Greek culture while also giving students an appreciation for modern Greek life. Begin in the bustling capital city of Athens, where students will visit one of the world’s best museums at the Acropolis. From there, we’ll explore several key sites around the Peninsula, from Nafplio and Corinth to Olympia, home of the ancient Olympics and the Temple of Zeus. Of course, there will also be time to take advantage of Greece’s incredible landscapes. Relax on pristine beaches and go for a dip in the sparkling Aegean sea.

Our mission is to provide an authentic experience rooted in “teaching teens to be travelers, not tourists.” Our staff will give students the tools they’ll need wherever their travels might take them. TFT’s years of experience bringing students to Europe means that we know exactly how to educate, excite, and inspire. Join us for the chance to immerse your students in the best of Greece and leave them with memories to last a lifetime!


Starting at $3195


10 Days

What's Included
  • Accommodation
  • Airfare and transportation
  • Authentic local meals
  • All listed activities and entrances
  • Full-time trip director
  • Expert local guides
  • 24/7 support and marketing materials
  • A TFT representative to host an informational and pre-departure meeting


This Trip is Ideal For...

Geography, History, Photography, Social Studies

During this trip, you and your students will…

  • Visit the most impressive remains of ancient Greek culture, the Acropolis and the Agora
  • Explore the historic Plaka neighborhood and the market district of Monastiraki
  • See the Corinth Canal, a technological feat of engineering dating back to the time of Ancient Greece
  • Enjoy a day at the “theater” at one of the world’s largest classical amphitheaters in Epidaurus
  • Try your hand at making your own Greek delicacies for dinner in our local cooking class
  • Visit Olympia, city where the Olympics were held, and even run your own Olympic dash
  • Pay a visit to the Oracle of Delphi to hear your future told
  • Island-hop through the Greek archipelago by ferry
  • Swim in the clear turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and relax on pristine beaches
  • Swim in the clear turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and relax on pristine beaches
  • Go on a scavenger hunt in the Agora, the birthplace of democracy in the heart of historical Athens

Trip Itinerary

DAY 1: Depart for Europe!

Flight from your preferred airport to Athens.

DAY 2: Kalimera Athens!

Upon your arrival in Athens, you’ll be greeted at the airport by your Travel For Teens guides, who will accompany you for the duration of your journey. After getting settled into the hotel, we’ll have lunch and head to downtown Athens for a walking tour. See Constitution Square, wander the winding streets of the historical Plaka neighborhood, and explore the market district of Monastiraki. We’ll top off an exciting first day with your first taste of authentic Greek cuisine at one of our favorite local restaurants.

DAY 3: Classical Athens

This morning, step back in time 2500 years to the height of ancient Greek civilization at the incredible Acropolis! First, we’ll visit the Acropolis Museum, rated one of the world’s top 10 museums. Then we’ll see this incredibly well-preserved monument ourselves. After lunch, students will have free time to explore Plaka and shop for souvenirs on Ermou Street. For dinner, try your hand at making your own Greek delicacies in our cooking class.

DAY 4: Head to the Cradle of Democracy: The Peloponnese

Today we’ll depart Athens and head to our next destination, Nafplio, the first capital of Greece. En route, we’ll stop at the Corinth Canal, a technological feat of engineering dating back to the time of Ancient Greece and only completed in the 19th Century. After arriving in Nafplio and getting settled into our new accommodation, we’ll have lunch and get acquainted with this charming city. We’ll also stop at the castle of Palamidi and learn about the Venetian and Ottoman history of the region. Students will have time to explore Nafplio on their own before visiting a nearby beach for our first dip in the Mediterranean.

DAY 5: Epidaurus & Poros

This morning, continue on our adventure back through classical Greece. Our first stop is Epidaurus, the ancient healing sanctuary dedicated to the god Asclepius. See for yourself the second-largest ancient theater, which to this day seats up to 14,000 spectators during summer festivities. This afternoon, we’ll take a short ferry ride to the island of Poros, where students can go swimming at the beach or discover the main town on the island. We’ll return to Nafplio via private coach just in time to enjoy another authentic dinner of Greek cuisine.

Day 6: Mycenae & Olympia

Board our coach and head to perhaps one of the most famous destinations in all of Greece: Olympia! Along the way, we’ll visit Mycenae, one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece. Here, students will learn about the Greek civilization that pre-dates Classical Greece. Once we’ve arrived in Olympia and checked into our hotel, we’ll visit the Archaeology Museum, which houses world-renowned artifacts from the site of Olympia. This evening, students will be able to explore this modern town, ice cream in hand.

Day 7: Discover the Birthplace of the Olympics

This morning, we’ll discover the birthplace of the Olympics. Students will see what remains of the infamous Temple of Zeus, and even have the chance to run their own Olympic dash. Afterwards, we’ll continue on to Delphi, home of the Oracle and of the god Apollo. Have lunch at a beautiful overlook point outside of the modern village of Delphi, before getting settled into our hotel. We’ll take a walking tour of Delphi and have time for souvenir shopping before dinner.

Day 8: Consult the Oracle at Delphi

Wrap up our time in Delphi with a guided tour of the historical site of Delphi which, apart from being famous for its Oracle and as Apollo’s residence, was also the site of the original Panhellenic Games (precursors to the Olympic Games). Visit the Delphi Museum to uncover artifacts from these fascinating archaeological sites. After lunch, we’ll board our private coach and return to Athens. We’ll enjoy another traditional dinner in the heart of downtown before going on an evening walk to soak up the ambience.

Day 9: Final Day in Athens

On our final day in Greece, we’ll begin the day with a scavenger hunt in the Agora, the birthplace of democracy in the heart of historical Athens. This afternoon, you’ll have free time to do some souvenir shopping in the hip neighborhood of Monastiraki, or to visit any museums or sites you may have missed. To celebrate the end of an amazing journey, we’ll enjoy an upscale dinner dressed in our finest and reminisce on the memories we’ve made in Italy and Greece.

DAY 10: Yeia Sou, Greece!

Your TFT guides will accompany you to the airport and assist you with check-in for your flight. Wave goodbye as you head through security and sit back and relax on your flight home.

The TFT Difference

We Never Combine Groups

Your tour should be special and just for you and your students! We will never combine two or more groups on the same bus or tour. We will lead a trip with as few as six people and a teacher. Your Trip Director travels with you for the duration of your program.

Stress-Free Planning and 24/7 Support

We are there for you every step of the way, and our support begins the moment you decide to do a TFT trip! We will provide you with a team member who will help bring your tour to life, along with everything you need to help get students to sign up for the adventure! On the tour you will have 24/7 dedicated staff with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and because we know travel is full of surprises, solve anything that may pop up along the way.

Photos and Email Updates

Your trip is special and you and your students should have those memories captured forever! Expect frequent personal email updates and hundreds of photos from your TFT staff shared with you and your students’ families so everyone can follow along on the journey. We are the only teen travel program to offer this in-depth trip communication and it truly makes all the difference!

Central Accommodation and Local Meals

Authenticity is engrained in everything we do. We stay at locally owned accommodation in the city center so you don’t waste your valuable time commuting. We dine at charming authentic restaurants to get a real flavor (literally!) for the local culture. The best way to travel is like a local. So ditch the tour bus and have a real traveler’s experience with us!

Photo Gallery

Authenticity is engrained in everything we do. Eat, stay, and travel like a local.

Check out what past travelers have to say about TFT and discover why we are consistently winning awards for Top Youth Travel Organization.


"I had never done an overnight camp before and I decided to go big and go to Scotland and Ireland with TFT! It was the best experience I ever had and I made so many memories. First off, the staff is incredible and they always take care of safety first, they are very fun and very supportive. One of the best adventures I remember was when we went rock climbing on the cliffs and rocks on the coast of Ireland, we got to jump off from the cliffs and into the ocean and that was such a blast. We also got to visit a castle and learn about falcons and even hold them as they would fly back and forth off our arms. The food was also incredible, as we got to try typical meals like a full English breakfast and haggis. The accommodations were very good too. For two of the three places we stayed at, we stayed at a hostel. They were quite small, but with all the new friends you meet there, it does not feel weird to be within such close proximity with others. The third place we stayed at was at an outdoor activity center on Achill Island and that was the most fun since every day there was a new activity such as surfing, canoeing, coasteering (climbing the rocks by the ocean), archery, and so many more. I have traveled a lot before, but with TFT, they are always on the move and you are trying new activities and trying new food while taking in the breathtaking scenery."

Annabeth White

"I was given the opportunity of a lifetime: to travel across Europe with amazing kids my age and outstanding counsellors. This trip showed me beautiful parts of the world I longed to see since I was a little girl. Not only were the people, accommodations and food incredible, but also the activities. Like canyoning down a mountainside in the middle of the Swiss Alps, paddle boating in the canals of Amsterdam and riding my bike on a beautiful trail just at the foot of Neuschwanstein Castle to a lake where we could swim to the middle and face the German hillside with two beautiful castles as the backdrop. After going on this trip, I can now tell my friends that I’ve travelled across Europe and I’m not even finished with high school yet. It was truly an incredible experience and I would totally recommend it to any teenagers aspiring to travel."

Sydney Johnson

"I have traveled with TFT for four summers now, exploring Costa Rica, Croatia, Fiji and Greece. These trips have been the highlight of my summers. They have broadened my horizons and strengthened my confidence. Going on these trips and meeting new people changed how I view the world. I love having conversations with locals and people I meet along the way. The small TFT groups and the knowledgeable and enthusiastic group leaders make for a fun and eye-opening experience. What sets TFT apart is that we immerse ourselves in the culture and we are not just tourists. We meet locals, hear stories about their lives, and it is truly invigorating. Travel For Teens has given me so much more than fun memories over the summer. They have given me the ability to be comfortable talking to anyone, being in new places, having a widened perspective on other cultures, and to be independent. On my Costa Rica and Fiji trips, we volunteered with school children. In a very short time we made deep connections that I will always cherish. I feel so fortunate to have had my eyes opened through TFT to so many beautiful places and memorable people."

Anna Fox

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