It’s an exciting moment when teachers decide to take their class on a school trip abroad. The students are in for a fun, immersive, and educational experience unlike anything they’ll encounter in a classroom! But there is one element of these international school trips that can be tricky to figure out: Costs.

Luckily, there are plenty of creative and effective ways to raise money for a school trip abroad, ways that will happily engage parents, students, and members of the community alike.

How to Raise Money for a School Trip

School Trip Fundraiser Idea #1: Get Involved in the Arts

Fun fact: The next Picasso or Julia Roberts might just be lurking in your class. A unique and creative way to find that out? Hosting a talent show, a concert, a play, or an arts and crafts sale featuring your students, where all the proceeds go to the school trip. Move over, Etsy.

School Trip Fundraiser Idea #2: Food Sales

A bake sale is a fundraiser classic for a reason. Have students or parents bring their favorite homemade culinary creations to popular local events and use money from the sales to help fund the class trip. This is also something you can get creative with: While brownies and other baked goods are commonly sold, you could opt for a nacho night or a barbecue spread at the next town sports game, for example.

School Trip Fundraiser Idea #3: Raffle Events

A raffle is an amazing way to raise money and provide a fun time for people. Ask parents, local businesses, or the school if they can donate special items or experiences to raffle off. Don’t be afraid to be quirky or creative with this, too, to find items you can raffle off for free: Maybe you can offer a parking lot space reservation for older high schoolers, or tutoring lessons.

School Trip Fundraiser Idea #4: Sports Pledges

Teen boys play soccer on the beach during their summer travel program in Costa Rica.

Chances are, there are many athletes in your class. Why not turn that love for sports into a fundraising effort? Encourage parents and other members of the community to make pledges: Pledge a dollar amount for goals scored, touchdowns achieved, or races run. The competitive element of it makes it fun for everyone involved!

School Trip Fundraiser Idea #5: Turn to the Internet

These days, it’s easier than ever to get a fundraising campaign going online. Use a verified platform like GoFundMe or turn to the school’s social pages to ask for donations. Make sure you explain the value of the school trip and what exactly the experience will give your students — Travel For Teens can help you with that! Then, watch the donations start rolling in.

Now that you know ways to help with costs, it’s time to start dreaming of your future trip! Check out our wide catalog of educational tour itineraries here.