Teachers know better than anyone that education is a portal to another world: Through literature, history, science, and other classes, people can really learn about other countries and cultures. What better way to emphasize those lessons than by actual hands-on experience?

With a school trip, students can experience other cultures and expand their worldview away from the confines of a classroom. Of course, an educational tour abroad can seem fairly daunting, especially if you’ve never planned one before. That’s where a school tour operator comes in. These travel professionals can ensure your students have an exciting and educational experience that goes off without a hitch.

Below are just some of the benefits of using a travel agency.

Advantages Of Using A School Tour Company To Book Your Trip

1. Stress-Free Organization Is Possible.

Let’s face it: Teachers have more than enough on their plate without plotting the logistics of a trip abroad for a group of kids.

There are all kinds of factors that go into creating such a trip — dreaming up activities that are both informative and fun, contacting hotels, determining restaurant options that cater to children with a wide variety of dietary factors, settling on costs … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By using a school tour operator, you can let an expert handle the many details as you focus on providing a memorable experience for your students.

2. Safety Is Prioritized.

Teen tour camp counselor climbs rocks during summer youth program in Southeast Asia

Traveling to a new place is exhilarating, but that unfamiliarity with the area means you’re also unfamiliar with cultural customs, health requirements, laws, and local safety advice. Naturally, as a teacher, one of your top priorities is keeping your students safe. That’s where a school tour operator comes in.

Whether it’s navigating COVID-19 policies, verifying the background of a vendor, offering useful safety tips, or simply helping keep an eye on the students, a travel tour operator ensures everyone involved in the school trip feels safe and comfortable.

3. You Can Create Comprehensive Itineraries.

What is it you want your students to walk away from the trip having learned? Do you want them to soak in unique cultural customs to become better-informed global citizens? Or have a deeper understanding of the history of an area? Maybe you want them to brush up on their language skills or develop social connections. Whatever your end goal is for the students, a school tour operator can help you dream up the perfect itinerary to facilitate that.

At Travel For Teens, for example, the people behind the itineraries are deeply familiar with the destinations: They know both the major spots every traveler wants to hit and the lesser-known secrets locals love. This helps create trip plans that are comprehensive, educational, and unique!

4. On-Tour Support Is Provided.

Teachers, more than anyone, know that a lot of work goes into keeping a group of children or teens safe, happy, and engaged. That’s a task that is sometimes daunting — especially in an unfamiliar country! Travel For Teens, like many school tour operators, offers on-tour support, so there are experienced professionals with you every step of the way. Teachers can feel confident tackling any hurdles that emerge on the trip.

5. It’s A Cost-Effective Way To Travel.

Teen traveler feeding an elephant on summer trip

Plotting out a trip is a surefire way to lose sleep over dollar signs. But don’t get overwhelmed: This is where a school tour operator can be such a help. They calculate the costs for you, so you can be sure your school is getting the best deal possible.

Plus, Travel For Teens is always happy to help teachers find creative ways to fundraise for a school trip!

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