Safety and Supervision

Safety is our number one priority and it begins with our topnotch staff!  All of our staff undergo the same background check as a school teacher and are also First Aid and CPR certified.

When hiring our staff, we seek out two main characteristics: in-depth experience in and knowledge of the country or countries they are assigned to, and most importantly, a passion for working with teens. The majority of our staff have  backgrounds that include working with teens, often in a summer camp or educational setting. Our staff are proven leaders and role models who easily connect and form friendships with each individual student.

In addition to our stellar staff, we rigorously vet all locations, hotels, and activities and keep current on any changing political situations that may challenge our safety standards. But that’s just the beginning.

Travelers, not Tourists

Join us and ditch the tour bus! We have revolutionized teen travel by creating fun and unique programs for teens based on experiential learning combined with cultural immersion. Teens love our programs because we focus on “doing” and not just seeing. We discover what it means to live like a local in each place we visit. We know that most of our travelers will embark on independent journeys of their own once they leave high school and we want them to be confident, prepared, and safe for when that time comes.

Authentic Teen Travel

We provide a fulfilling and genuine traveler experience. We stay at centrally located, locally owned hotels so you don’t waste any valuable time commuting between where you stay and what you want to do, also ensuring that you feel fully immersed in your destination. Why stay at an Americanized hotel chain outside of the city when you are looking for a cultural experience in the middle of it all?

Meals are critical to a well-rounded cultural program, so we avoid tourist traps, buffets, and Americanized restaurants. We choose local, authentic restaurants so you can get a real taste (literally!) of the culture.

All of our programs also encourage our students to make genuine  connections with their host culture. Students leave our programs feeling confident, inspired, and excited about exploring new countries and cultures in the future!

Experiential Learning

We go beyond just seeing each place on a superficial level and focus on hands-on activities and experiences for a deeper level of immersion. Whether enjoying an authentic cooking lesson in France, feeding a baby monkey in Costa Rica, learning Karate in Japan, or participating in a traditional Meke ceremony in Fiji, we always find ways to incorporate fun and unique activities into our itineraries. These great experiences and opportunities to interact with our host culture are what set us apart from the typical sightseeing tourist agenda.

Smaller Group Sizes

Group size is important! A smaller group size provides unique opportunities that a large group cannot accommodate. Think of your favorite local restaurant; could it easily  accommodate a group of 50 teens? Probably not! Our group sizes average between 14 to 21 students, which means that we are able to comfortably use local transport, enjoy local restaurants, and have a more authentic experience overall! A smaller group size also eliminates the likelihood of cliques, meaning that our groups all tend to bond as a cohesive unit. We guarantee that you’ll have enough people to meet some new best friends, but not so many that you feel like “just a number” or lost in a crowd.

Choice and Flexibility

Teens require some independence and flexibility to grow and flourish, so we avoid rigid schedules and offer plenty of options to appeal to every type of personality. With our mentality of smaller group sizes and authentic travel, we are able to accommodate this by featuring choices in daily activities, as well as the flexibility to include fun new activities or events that may pop up along the way! Our trips are more enriching because we give participants the opportunity to have an active voice in what they would like to do and see while catering to each individual’s unique interests. Please request a day by day itinerary from any of our trips to see all of the choices our travelers enjoy!