See how we transform teens into travelers, instead of tourists

TFT’s goal is teaching teens to be travelers, not tourists. We have revolutionized teen travel by creating fun and authentic programs that combine experiential learning with cultural immersion. Teens love our programs because we focus on “doing” and not just seeing. Every program uses a hands-on approach to discover what it means to live like a local in each place we visit. Watch our video and discover for yourself what makes TFT different! 

Smaller Group Sizes

Our group sizes average between 14 to 21 students, which allows us to travel comfortably and make real connections to each other and the host community, instead of getting lost in the crowd. While larger groups are confined to big tourist sites, bigger hotels, and chain restaurants, our smaller groups allow for greater mobility and we are able to maximize our time in each destination.

Diverse Groups

Instead of a homogeneous group made up of other teens from your area, we celebrate the fact that we have teens join us from all over! Our participants come from a mix of different states, regions, and countries. This allows students to expand their social circle and learn from each other. We also welcome solo travelers- in fact, 75% of our teens join us without a friend!

Savvy Travelers

We don’t want to just take you along our itinerary and show you each place; we want to teach you how to be a real traveler! We are with you every step of the way to give you tips and advice so that you can be a more well-rounded and independent traveler in the future. Want to learn how the Eurail pass works in Europe? No problem. Want to figure out how to navigate the night market in Thailand? We got you covered. Our seasoned staff are there to share their experiences with you and give you some insight!

Personal Paparazzi

We want our teens’ families to get in on the action too! You can expect frequent personal email updates and hundreds of photos from your director throughout the program to follow along with your teen’s journey. We are the only teen travel program to offer this in-depth parent communication and it truly makes all of the difference!

Transformative Teen Travel

Travel isn’t just about new places; it’s about new perspectives. Our programs inspire confidence and independence so our travelers feel ready to embark on their own journeys once they leave high school. We encourage teens to step outside their comfort zone, and they leave our programs feeling ready to take on the world!