Safety is our number one priority at Travel For Teens. We employ rigorously vetted Trip Leaders and Counselors, carefully scout all new locations’ hotels and activities, and keep current on any changing political situations that may challenge our safety standards. But that’s just the beginning.


After safety, balancing fun and education is our #2 priority! We’ve learned from years of working with teenagers what’s fun and what isn’t, and we are careful to balance itineraries with activities that are both fun and culturally educational. TFT employs responsible, well traveled, fun loving staff that work to ensure all of our participants are not only having a blast, but also learning a thing or two without even realizing it.


All TFT trips are designed to be as educational as they are fun, and many staff members are former or current educators. Our goal is for every participant to absorb cultural nuances, culinary delicacies, and fascinating history on every trip. When classroom learning is augmented with experiential education in the wide open world, there is no limit to what you can learn.

Trust & Experience

Since 2003, Travel For Teens has led thousands of teens on hundreds of trips all over the world. Our relentless pursuit of excellent customer service and unforgettable travel experiences has led TFT to integrate the lessons we have learned over the years to provide you with the highest level of trust in the educational travel experiences that we offer.

Our Staff

Travel For Teens staff are chosen from a wide pool of talented candidates who fit the criteria of being fun, knowledgeable role models. Trip Leaders have years of experience working in the youth travel industry and each member of our staff undergoes thorough background and reference checks, in addition to First Aid/CPR training. 

Growth & Reviews

Travel For Teens has grown quickly over the years, from one trip to Paris in 2003 to 50+ programs covering over 30 countries on 5 continents today. While many factors have contributed to our success, nothing is more important than the individual attention and care we provide to every single traveler and their family. Word of mouth is the best recommendation we can have, and our satisfied travelers have helped us enormously to succeed.

Flexibility & Daily Choices

TFT travelers are often presented with choices rather than a rigid itinerary. Enjoy art? Check out the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid. Are you more into soccer than art? Tour the Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu Futbol stadium instead! Experienced travelers know that unplanned activities often turn out to be the most memorable, which is why Trip Leaders are trained to be flexible when there’s a local music festival or special art exhibition the group is interested in seeing. TFT trips are organized into four consecutive sessions and are designed to be linked together; choose from an enormous variety of combinations!