• Our Trip Leaders have years of experience working in the youth travel industry
  • Each member of our staff is carefully selected in a rigorous, multi-tiered interview process that includes background and thorough reference checks
  • Each staff member is First Aid and CPR certified and participates in an annual staff training workshop
  • We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the safety of each of our destinations and activities
  • Travel For Teens always reserves the right to modify or cancel an itinerary if the Trip Leader feels that conditions are unsafe
  • Each of our accommodations and activities has been personally vetted by TFT staff as part of the intensive, on-the-ground research that is behind every program

No one likes excessive rules, least of all teenagers. But some rules, like the ones that keep you safe, are essential. In order to strike a balance between rigidity and leniency, we strictly enforce only 4 easy to remember rules that all participants must adhere to in order to ensure their own safety and that of the group’s:

  • No drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs
  • No sex/sleeping in rooms with members of the opposite sex
  • No leaving the group without permission or bringing anyone into the group without permission
  • No acts of bullying or compromising the group experience

Along with travel preparedness, following these 4 rules is vital to participants’ safety. In order to ensure the rules are respected and the group safe, TFT will send home participants who break any one of the rules. This is a one strike policy and has been very effective in deterring poor decisions.

  • In the first meeting at the start of every program, students are given a card with the phone numbers of the counselors, and the names and addresses of all the accommodations in the unlikely event they find themselves separated from the group. We also establish certain landmarks to help with orientation and teach the basic foreign language equivalent of saying “Where is _____ hotel?”
  • All staff carry a variety of over the counter drugs to treat common sicknesses. In addition, each staff member is given a set of “camper cards” detailing the pertinent medical conditions (allergies, medications, etc.) of each participant. The Trip Director also carries a first aid kit at all times.
  • Participants are coached about the risks of wearing expensive jewelry or flashing cash in public. We also explain the best place to keep wallets/purses/valuables while out and about or riding public transportation.