Travel For Teens requires all participants to purchase a travel protection plan.

Each year, at least one family typically loses the money they’ve invested in their child’s program because he/she was unable to travel at the last minute due to medical/family emergencies or other unforeseeable situations. Travel insurance is required on all of our programs. You may choose your own plan or the Travel for Teens travel protection plan offered through Travel Insured International. Travel For Teens has partnered with Travel Insured International (TII) to offer the Travel For Teens Protection Plan, which can help give you some peace of mind that your investment is protected against many unexpected events. Your plan can be purchased directly through us and is included on your invoice. The cost of your plan is calculated based on the total non-refundable cost of your trip, including all non-refundable airfare you may have purchased through Travel For Teens that appears on your invoice.


Protection Plan Options and Prices

The Travel for Teens Protection Plan includes many benefits, such as Trip Cancellation coverage, which reimburses non-refundable trip expenses if you cancel your trip with Travel For Teens due to a covered reason, such as Sickness. The plan also includes missed connection, trip interruption, and travel delay coverages. In addition, you have the option to add on the Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) benefit for an additional cost. The Travel For Teens Protection plan allows cancellation and reimbursement for covered reasons per the plan details, while the optional Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) benefit allows for cancellation and reimbursement for any non-covered reasons per the plan details.

Next Steps

If you would like to purchase a plan, use any of the three options below! You can make payment by credit card with no additional fee.

  • Calculate the tier that your teen’s tuition falls into and make a payment. We will add the plan and send you an updated statement
  • Email with the plan you want, and we will send you an updated statement with a link to make payment
  • Schedule a quick call at a time that is convenient for you and we can discuss the pricing for your plan.



Please note, NY residents cannot add CFAR coverage to this plan. However, residents of NY can purchase an individual plan with a non-insurance CFAR waiver from TII. Visit this link for a direct quote.  Parents who purchase this plan may increase the level of coverage once the plan is purchased to cover additional costs such as airfare or a more expensive trip.


Trip Protection Plans for International Residents

Canadian Residence

If your permanent residence is in Canada, you have options but you must purchase the insurance directly from the insurance provider. Travel For Teens partners with TripMate.

Use this link to get a quote, review policy benefits, and buy your travel insurance policy directly from TripMate. 

Note: For the Standard Plan Policy or Premium (w/ Cancel For Any Reason) Plan Policy, the policy must be purchased for the traveler within 21 days of the initial deposit and before the final payment has been made to TFT. Travel For Teens cannot sell this policy directly to Canadian residents.


International Residence

For those living outside the USA and Canada, you have options but you must purchase the insurance directly on your own. TFT can only sell insurance policies within the United States. We suggest that families who reside outside of the United States or Canada contact a local Travel Agent for guidance on a suitable policy for their traveler.

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