Meet Your Trip Director: Keith Richardson


Limerick, Ireland and Tulsa, Oklahoma

What do you do with TFT when you’re not leading trips?

I am the Strategy Manager.


Window or aisle seat?

Preferably both, whole row empty, me making a pillow and blanket fort and stretching out.

Most interesting place you’ve ever visited:

Sipadan, Malaysia

What is the biggest lesson traveling has taught you?

Everyone has a story and can teach you something, just be ready to listen.

What is one piece of clothing you never travel without?  

A hoodie (even in hot climates) since it can also be used as a pillow, blanket, sun shield, etc. Always handy to have.


The most touristy thing to do that you think is still awesome and worth doing:

The catacombs in Paris were really cool, but was it worth the three hour line?  Find out for yourself!

Which destinations are next on your travel to-do list?

My goal is all seven continents by 30. I have a year and a half, so this summer I will knock out Australia and New Zealand and then prep for Antarctica!

If you were a country, which one would you be and why?  

I think I would be Costa Rica…no standing army and they love to be in nature both hiking and swimming.  They also have animals on their money. I mean come on, how rad is that?

Name one thing you wish you knew about traveling abroad before you went on your first trip:

At 6’2, I am too large for Southeast Asia


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  • Claire Sullivan

    In five years of trips, Keith, you were one of the best directors ever! I know the positive influence you had on Damon and I can only imagine how many other young lives you’ve impacted for the better. All seven continents by thirty. I think Day will have to consider that…

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