A message from Pat Maloney, President and Founder of Travel for Teens

Greetings Travel For Teens Family and Future Family!

Here at Travel For Teens, LLC we love what we do and we are passionate about what we view as the greatest teen travel experience on earth. We want to share this love and passion with you. As the President of Travel For Teens, I am always analyzing what makes a great trip, great leaders and a great company.

I am a mother first and a business owner second. Again and again I am reminded of the importance of learning, experiencing and growing. At Travel For Teens we strive to give our teen travelers a sense of safety, a feeling of belonging, unconditional respect, the right to make choices and the right to feel appreciated and loved. This, in turn, facilitates growth.

Travel bonds like nothing else can; the planned and unexpected moments keep us close through priceless sharing and memories. Yet so much teen travel seems superficial. Americanized hotels on the edges of town, buses that remove participants from the very cultures they came to experience, food that is essentially American- all this is familiar to be sure, which brings its own comfort. But travel can and should be so much more. Teens have a wonderful window for growth and transformation into citizens of the world. They can truly live other cultures with a balance of the familiar and the new.

Travel For Teens takes them into the essence of the cultures we visit, creating a great appetite for more. Our participants open themselves up to absorbing culture, to nonjudgmental curiosity, to expanding their perspectives, peering behind the curtains and under the stones of the places we visit in the most fascinating, unregimented and creative ways. We feel we capture the necessary balance for enriching, educational, meaningful, yet also fun teen travel.

So, all you teen travelers out there, please join us on our travels and live the life of other worlds. Come share our energy, curiosity and commitment to global citizenship while making your own contributions as well. Come learn to be a traveler instead of a tourist. We have some great times and wonderful learning experiences ahead…together.

Pat Maloney, President
Travel For Teens, LLC


Vice President Ned Clark Discusses Four Important Topics to Consider When Choosing the Right Program For Your Child


You are considering letting your teen travel. Abroad. Without you. Now what? Every trip will give your teen a different type of experience depending where they go and what they see, do and learn. Bottom line: What would you like them to get out of the experience? Don’t forget to consider what kind of experience your teen is looking for as well.

  • Cultural Exploration – All about broadening horizons. Discover the culture, cuisine, traditions, and way of life of a faraway land.
  • Community Service – Contribute to a worthwhile cause, get to know the local people and their culture.
  • Language Programs – There’s no better way to learn a language and understand a culture. Take language classes, and then use what you’ve learned in real life!
  • Photography – Learn to take travel photos like the pros and come away from the trip with an incredible portfolio.


There is no greater leap of faith than when a parent entrusts their child to the care of someone else. Ask about where the group sleeps at night and how they keep teens safe while they are traveling. Not all summer programs have the same level of supervision; some are very strict while others are very laid back. Finding the right balance for yourself and for your teen will help them get the most out of the travel experience.
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Who are the counselors on the trip? How are they screened and trained? How well do they know the places they are going? The key to a life-changing trip lies in great staff who can unlock personal growth experiences for your teen.
Find out more about TFT’s talented team 

Group Dynamics:

Every teen is different; some do better in bigger groups while others thrive in a more intimate setting. Ask about the group sizes based on the previous two years enrollments and find out where the kids were from. Be prepared to share a bit about your teen with the travel organization so that they can recommend trips that will be the best fit for your teen.

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