What do you do on a Travel for Teens trip?

This totally depends on which trip you choose – you can find details about what we do on each individual trip right here on our website.

In general, Travel for Teens is a cultural experience with lots of flexibility built in to each itinerary (see more about this in the next question). We seek to immerse ourselves in the culture and traditions of the country that we travel to, going far beyond a typical and superficial touristy experience. In Italy this may mean visiting a gondola workshop in Venice, while in Paris taking a behind the scenes tour of a Paris fashion house, while in Thailand this could include visiting a monastery and holding a question-and-answer session with a monk.

Some trips are more adventure oriented while others focus on community service, cultural exploration, or language learning. On ALL of our trips you can count on actively learning about the culture you find yourself in, eating authentic food, and meeting great people.

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