How do I stay in touch with my child?

The Internet is the preferred method of communication between parents and participants, however bringing laptop computers is prohibited (with the exception of our Photography Trips). Time will be given to the group to be able to connect to the Internet at our hotels and other wifi zones.

All counselors carry cell phones with e-mail access at all times. Parents may contact us at any time day or night, in case of emergency. Trip Leaders will send update e-mails to parents every 3 days or so to give information on the progress of the group.

Participants have a list of counselor phone numbers in case they get separated from the group. While we like the participants to have a US cell phone with them for ease in US airport coordination, we discourage the use of cell phones while we are outside the hotel. We do not forbid them, however they are not permitted to be turned on outside the hotel room for anything other than emergencies. We expect participants to be willing and able to avoid non-emergency cell phone call to or from home, as we cannot accomplish an immersion experience with distractions.

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