Do we have to follow a set itinerary every day?

We believe in flexibility – Any seasoned traveler will tell you that the best experiences on the road happen when you’re least expecting them. While we do create a day-by-day itinerary for all of our trips, we build in choices and flexibility so that we can easily change our schedule based on weather, fickle opening hours, or new opportunities that present themselves on the ground. That said, certain important sights and activities are guaranteed – you WILL see the Eiffel Tower in Paris and you WILL go to the Coliseum in Rome, for example.

Another basic concept of the TFT way of traveling is having choices. We often divide our group into smaller groups and split up for the morning or afternoon so that you can choose the activity that interests you most. For example, one group might go to a modern art museum while a second group will go to a cooking lesson and a third goes to check out a cathedral – once again, the choice is yours.

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