At Travel for Teens, we take recruitment very seriously. We hire staff from around the world, and fluency in English is required. Our staff meets a profile that is designed to insure a quality experience for our participants, consistent with the Travel For Teens philosophy of running substantive, educational trips while having a great time.

We have crafted our unique programs to engender love for travel, hunger for learning, curiosity about differences, recognition of universalities, and an appreciation for global citizenship.

We hire several new staff members for each summer season. Occasionally we also hire full-time staff to work in our Pennsylvania office. Our summer staff is our primary source for permanent hires.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our hard-working, professional team, read on and fill out an application form!

The Typical TFT Staff Profile
  • Fluent or highly proficient in at least one language in addition to fluency in English
  • Passionate about cultural learning, travel, and working with teens
  • Experience working with youth or in a camp setting
  • Ability to perform as a role model, team-player mentality, responsible, independent problem solver
  • Physical and mental stamina
  • Willingness to work unusual hours with limited time off

All counselors are expected to have superior communication skills in English and at least one other language. We prefer applicants who have spent time in and have acquired intimate knowledge of the locations where we travel. Experience working with 13-18 year olds, preferably in a camp environment, is crucial. Finally a giving, nurturing personality balanced with leadership skills and the ability to set limits is vital. The success of our programs depends on communicating to our participants that they are welcomed and valued. We seek out flexible people who work well on a team, have enormous stamina, and are physically fit. A clear head in unusual circumstances and an ability to change roles quickly are vital.

Staff must expect to have little private time and to share rooms with other staff. Time off is rare and is managed by the Trip Director on a case by case basis.

Counselor responsibilities include, but are not limited to: ensuring the safety of the group, encouraging social cohesion and setting a positive tone at all times, on-site teaching, making sure the participants are having the time of their lives, and a wide variety of errands, tasks and odd jobs.

All staff are expected to participate in our Staff Training session held in May in Wayne, PA.

Applicant Requirements
  • At least 21 years old
  • Experience working with teens
  • Able to commit to two summers
  • Experience living, traveling, or working in one or more of our destinations
  • Able to attend mandatory staff training weekend from May 27–31, 2015
Types Of Counselor Positions

CIT’s are Counselors in Training. CIT’s are participants who have traveled with us for a total of three trips over two summers and who demonstrate the interest, passion, and potential to be considered for employment with us.

Junior Counselors are college students or recent graduates who are available to travel for nearly the entire summer. We look for foreign language skills, great social and communications skills, and experience working with youth or in camp environments.

Senior Counselors are required to be college graduates and at least 24 years old. They must demonstrate extensive expertise and experience in a foreign country or region, as well as experience working with youth or in a camp setting. Senior Counselors are either natives of one of our destination countries or have spent significant time studying a foreign language and culture outside of the US.

Trip Leaders are often selected from our pool of returning Senior Counselors. A unique mix of qualities is necessary, including special attention to detail, impeccable communications skills, foreign language fluency, and effective leadership capability.

Currently Hiring

We are currently hiring Trip Leaders (age 24 and up) who have foreign language fluency in one or more languages (in addition to English) and extensive experience traveling and working with youth.

We are especially interested in applicants who fluently speak the following languages: French, Italian, Thai, Mandarin, and German

Make sure you have read through all the information below before filling out our online application form. Please note that for our summer staff we will only consider applicants who are able to commit to two consecutive summers with us.


Compensation is subject to a wide variety of factors such as experience in the field, level of education, staff position, and performance. Compensation includes room and board, transportation, and all work-related expenses during our trips.