Have you ever caught the Eurostar from London to Paris? Hopped aboard a tram in Amsterdam? Cruised through Kruger National Park in an open-air safari vehicle? What about horseback riding through the picturesque landscapes of the Southwestern United States? Or taking a bumpy camel ride through Morocco’s vast Sahara?

While all of these are epic modes of transport, none are asked about quite as often as…drumroll, please…flights! That’s right, regular, good old fashioned flights. So fasten your seatbelts and put your tray tables up as we give you the nitty gritty run-down on how flights with TFT work.

Flight Assistance Every Step of the Way

We have designated group flights for every program worldwide. While they typically depart from the East and West Coasts, it doesn’t matter where you live; we will assist any teen traveler with connecting to their program’s group flight. For those who opt out of the group flights, we will find the best option for meeting the rest of the group in their destination.

Our logistics coordinators are here every step of the way to help families with booking all legs of travel for both group and non-group flights, ensuring that travelers get to their program destinations and back home again with the direction and support that they need.

Keeping in Touch

Contact information for our staff members in the group departure airports and for staff waiting to meet students at their program destinations will be released beforehand so that families can get in touch with the relevant staff as needed. So whether travelers are with the group flight from start to finish, joining up with the group flight, or flying solo to their destination, everyone will have a positive travel experience while meeting new friends along the way no matter how their journey begins!

Up, Up, and Away!

Now that you know just how easy, simple and safe traveling with TFT is, it’s time to start looking into, you guessed it, booking flights! Let us know your flight booking preferences by completing this questionnaire. This is the perfect way for our team to have a better understanding of your ideal flight. From using reliable airlines and cashing in those frequent flyer miles, to having comfortable connection times and amazing in-flight entertainment, we will find what works best for you!

*If you would rather receive flight quotes by email, please let us know in the “comments” section of the questionnaire.